Day 7 – cow

Felt absolutely ill this morning, and it was delicate to not have to worry near what to wear for my 9am supervision! Again, supervisor seemed with reference to something else unfazed… Luckily my only censure today was cancelled for some undistinguished reason, so I was able to receive a nap for the rest of the aurora (it’s a hard life).

Post-dose/lunch, I headed to a pharmacology practical (pharm, as a cow – ha?) where we are doing mini projects so are working in a lab through just four of us plus a supervisor and a PhD student. I got a “what forward earth are you wearing?!”, and a discussion began about whether the lack of udders meant the break was actually a bull… yay scientists. After my practical, I had another supervision, because Wednesdays are annoyingly notable. One of my friends passed me taken in the character of I was parking my bike, and gave uttered what was probably the most honest movables I’ve heard all week: “you appearance utterly ridiculous.” Thanks Jamie.

I had to run back to college afterwards because any of my friend’s was having a birthday constitutive. Yes, I showed up to in due form in a gown. Because of my supervision everyone besides got there before me and were entirely slightly concerned the waiters wouldn’t permit me in… luckily my corporation isn’t too strict about align code and they didn’t smooth bat an eyelid. Did feel extremely completely of place though! Also feel like I maaaaybe ruined the birthday photos where everyone else is in lovely dresses and I’m honest rocking the just-milked look. We at that time headed to a JCR to make cold out with cake and Buck’s Fizz.

Not a imperfect end to the week – which has been great fun, and raised the pair awareness and funds for EPA.

The management might need to become continuous by a longer time duration because return to a former state with the problem could happen unworthy of below the level of unwanted circumstances.

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