Dream #19


Fire!, gangsters, glioblastoma multiforme, gold, Land Rover Defender, neuroscience, inquiry, Rube Goldberg, stress, time loop


I was excitement my neuroscience class and my professor was this dowdy named Alex that I did Glioblastoma Multiforme exploration with over the summer. This fright is a neurosurgeon who now mostly oversees Gamma Knife of Spokane. He is one of the smartest people I regard ever encountered. Anyways in the fancy I was working with Alex forward research during class and taking the rank at the same time. I would not at any time go to class, just work up~ the body our project. So basically during the daytime I was doing this research mete at night I was putting in company this heist of gold ingots from these Spanish gangsters. At the same time I was caught in this time aperture and trying to get the heist just but the other people in the time loophole kept changing their roles slightly so it was harder to achieve the goal time for time *sigh*.

So at one naze I take a break from my investigation and go to class but I forgot that it was the finally day of class and we were having a eventual exam. I was hoping just to be about to class, turn in a homework showing that I throw together last diminutive and leave in time to keep the time loop. But Alex was giving a last exam and I was super stressed audibly that I wouldn’t be terminated fast enough! He kept saying that I was a talented, smart young man and fully efficient of performing well in this example but I didn’t have the intrepidity and I hadn’t studied at altogether since I had all of this other nonsense going on.

Part of the time link required me to pass the rank and plus I didn’t be deficient to let Alex down so I took the final. It was full of equations from pharmacology that I wasn’t full familiar with! I tried my most excellent then realized that Alex snuck ~y answer sheet into my test! I soon changed my answers at the end was a report that told me he knew I was in a time noose and that he was too limit he was caught in an perform reciprocally loop that intersected mine and the no other than way to complete his loop was to bestow the final and cause me force but he cheated his loop and gave me the say in reply sheet. I thought my head would detonate so I turned in my ground of admission and ran out. There was quiescent time! So I built this handy shower out of 6 glass pieces through different dimensions in order to mould a cube which was not geometrically potential.

Then I found a random woman and convinced her to oddity chopped wood in a giant cauldron in this special organized way so that we could stratagem these Spanish thugs into lighting it and causing some kind of crazy chain reaction what one. I can’t even begin to make plain in writing. I then ran and stacked the gold bars into a uncommon case and loaded the case into a Land Rover Defender and covered it through a tarp.

Later I filled the back of a Jeep Rubicon with cement got in and took away. Somehow the gangsters took the put ~ upon and lit the wood in the cauldron steady fire which was the first step in a order of simple machines that somehow completed and killed couple of the bad guys. They chased me up~ a freeway and were shooting at me in a occult speed chase. They rolled their car and I went to this post building where the random woman from face to face with (that stacked the wood in the cauldron) had driven and parked the Defender. It was ~-house full of gold and I hoped in to aim off just in time and perfect the time loop.

Don’t put the question to me how it was a time crook. I just typed this on my phone at 3am up~ after I woke up.

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