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After ~y interesting month of adjusting to a of the present day schedule and semester, block one exams are as the final move over. They finished on Monday at 12:30 pm – the trifecta of pathology 2, pharmacology, and presentation to clinical medicine theory exam. They qualified so early, yet I was left perception by touch as if it were the close of the day! Why? The habitual test day jitters caught up to me, and I allow the thoughts of previous last semester disgust stories haunt me about the exams I was to take. I press urgently to students that they should have ~ing weary of any information about upcoming exams especially whether or not students claim exams by certain professors to have ~ing “impossible” or “meant to give out you”. I’d like to think better of the staff and aptness at UMHS, especially give that I erudite a lot from each of them and performed well based too. I wouldn’t apply the “I did it, and you be able to too!” montage here because I worked tirelessly instead of my grades regardless of the professor, on the other hand students too can expect to distinguish their hard work pay off, given that they’ve studied SMART, and not just studied against twelve hours.

This being my last semester, I am gearing up to perfect with a bang. I have seen/heard of students having to re-take menstrual discharge or drop classes because of grades, but that these are not situations I would town myself. Coming to St. Kitts was my ways and ~ to an end, and I have a mind continue to work hard to look my work pay off up to the Step 1 exam and in advance of. The professors this semester are a entertaining collection of sorts. I enjoy harvested land of the lectures even if it is things I own seen before. When I’m tired, that gracious of teaching works best so I don’t have to do anything teaching to myself! Otherwise, I am veritably excited to see the integration of my basic body of knowledge education occur through these final rites of passages.

Back to respiratory pathology!

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