So You Think You Can Handle Nursing School? Consider Carefully

By Valerie Udeozor on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

“I’m a nourish at the breast.” It sounds super cool, becoming? A profession where you can reach to school a couple of years and therefore start signing documents and even your Twitter treat of: “Your name, RN”. Your loved is a Registered Nurse and she’s eternally lounging around on her “off” days through the luxury of having to publish nowhere four days a week.

And the cash is supposed to be amazing, right? You won’t on a level have to actually look for a do ~-work like all the other dying professions not at home there. Your job at the bank or the accounting con~ed is boring and dead-end. What are you doing for society? You want to do greater degree. Maybe you’re pushing forty and want stability in your life. Maybe you’ll level meet a cute doctor while in indoctrinate! You’ll get married and munificent a private family clinic together. Won’t life subsist grand? Everyone will love you since, well, you’d be a foment. How hard could the schooling have ~ing anyway?

Just like the rules of medication superintendence, which you will learn if you lull want to go to nursing bring under subjection after reading this: stop, think and have ~ing vigilant. There are a few things you should reflect upon before running out to purchase your in the beginning stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. Ask yourself the following questions. Answer your self honestly. Consider more of the real facts that may break up some of your high fructose sweeten coated dreams of nursing school and that which a nurse’s life is certainly like.

It is an outstanding, and I small highly outstanding profession. I just be conscious of being that many enroll in nursing educate for the wrong reasons. As an instructor, I can immediately tell suppose that they have the wrong personality, pose or when asked, “Why cheat you want to be a nourish at the breast?” The answer is: “The standard of value is good”.

Consideration #1: “S” Factors

Think respecting some of the “S” factors and which level of tolerance you have for them. I’m referring to the following: SIGHTS & SMELLS. The vision of blood. Doesn’t bother me at aggregate. It doesn’t ruin my desire either. Future nurses please note that it be possible to drip, ooze, and gush from some part of the skin or visible form orfic (opening) at any time. As a rear, you’re usually the only living body around to stop, clean, or parcel it up.

As for smells, I’m referring to corporeally fluids, excretions, and expulsions. This gets tricky and be able to even gross out the toughest manage. But we usually just fix it and propel on. Seriously, it’s usually relative to twenty seconds of your life. But, whether or not you just can’t handle it, you honest can’t. I‘m trying to help the more vulgar S word, excepting consider that specifically as well. These are things that you behest clean up, catch, empty many buckets, and basins full of as a nursing student.

For those dreaming of suitable a “fancy nurse”: nursing monitor, some kind of advanced practice principle, you will and can do it. However, in c~tinuance day one of your first hospital succession, you are not allowed to bestow medications, shots or start IV’s in the same manner you will do lots of paltry work. I don’t care allowing that you’re coming into nursing denomination with a PhD in rocket science. I just got really proper and fast at it. This brings me to my next consideration, your ego.

Consideration #2: Your Ego

Many students draw near from various professions. I’ve encountered massage therapists, bankers, actors, managers, techies, housewives, and quite types venturing into nursing. There are multitude great skills you can actually demise from any profession that are a in addition in nursing. But there are too things to consider.

If you were the stud or supervisor at your old piece of work, you will lose most of this energy and control in your first rotations in the hospital setting and suitable with your nursing instructors. You are working under their license and must come their direction clearly and concisely. It’s a preservation issue for us instructors, not self, but yours may get hurt. You are a visitor when entering a new hospital. You be necessitated to follow hospital protocol.

I once had a close examiner who wanted to change the perfect patient assignment system. He had a a great quantity better way; he sent me a slow email about how things should have ~ing done and why his way would act. This was admirable, but I explained that he had to follow the system in place. The massage therapist had one amazing bedside manner and was real comfortable around patients. But sometimes, her taste lingered a bit too long. We shouldn’t send any confusing messages to patients of the inconsistent sex or same sex.

As for the student who always wanted to be about on a coffee break in the hospital to “assemble some doctors”, well, they’re ~ly of busy and you should be too. Some of you from the banking and accounting industries that deal with numbers and dollars all day hold a harder time walking in a chamber, and relating to people. You own to learn to see people in woe, be prepared to touch, and seem at people in the eye. Be munificent to learning how to be this track and you’ll do fine. However, you scintilla pharmacology, which is great. You’ll not at all make a life threatening medication wrong-doing.

Consideration #3: The Reality of Nursing School

Nursing indoctrinate is not a game. It is not not stiff. It is not for the inactive, the egotistical, the high maintenance, the exemplar A or those unable to rouse up early and stay up recent to study. When I started nursing govern, I already had a Bachelors Degree in not the same field and came from a petty smart family of doctors as well in the manner that nurses. I was pretty much a ~ful-brained person and great at writing papers and public speaking. I had a photographic reputation, which was helpful on tests at which place you just have to regurgitate back accusation.

How hard could this really subsist? I thought. Cut to NCLEX denomination testing where three out of four questions could be right but you have to straitened it down to what is with most propriety, not always right. To do well on these tests, you have to critically deem, prioritize, and use a nursing procedure. Everything was very black and innocent. You either knew the information or you didn’t. Many classes are ~ away or fail for this reason. No one is particularly special or better. You’re both safe or your not. I faithfully believed something was very wrong through the tests or who ever was book the tests. I recognize this in in the way that many students. If they did not live through the test, something is wrong with the test. If they are used to acquirement straight A’s and get a C, they venture this is bad. Get ready in favor of a different way of having your progress evaluated.

You can have an amazing bedside manner and rapport through patients, but if you can’t achieve the tests, most nursing programs power of determination kick you out. “Exit” you in nicer terms. The arrival time for most clinical rotations is 7am. For my students, this substance 6:45am. If you live some hour away, you will wake up at 4:30-5am. Period. There is nay flexibility here. Yes you can work night shift: when you finish sect.

Let’s cut to post graduation, defame passing the last and most serious test to get your license: The NCLEX exam. Now you require a job. It is by not at all means the same as when I graduated in 1997 and there were jobs; sign on bonuses, teaching programs left and right. Things acquire slightly improved, but jobs will not have ~ing falling into your lap. You quiet have to hustle, network, interview well and get great bedside and critical thinking skills. Many hospitals put in the ~-office “no new grads” on reaped ground job opening. This is considered to have ~ing due to the recession and the postponement of retreat for many nurses (Burehaus, P. 2014).

You may not sudden motion off in your nursing dream job. I have seen many new grads take the whole that they can get: night shift, home health, and skilled nursing facility until they free from danger a position in an acute care hospital. You furthermore may have to go get more additional schooling. Many hospitals now without more hire nurses with a BSN class. If you plan to attend each Associates Degree Program (two years average) you must consider this.

After Consideration

In my estimate, all of this is worth it to be a nurse. I simply wanted to have a portion of some crucial facts with those allowing for entering this profession. If you don’t agree, obstruct here and consider another profession. I be informed Starbucks baristas have amazing benefits.

Nursing is before amazing in a nutshell. It is impelling and it is powerful. The take a tour of school and doing the decided job is not easy. It is not as far as concerns everyone. It takes a special one to be a good nurse. Getting into it in quest of the money or the schedule doesn’t usually divide it. After working a few years and discovery your nursing niche, I’m successful to report, the possibilities are illimitable. You will no longer be considered a “renovated grad” and employers will start to ~ for you out. In fact, another nursing shortage is expected ~ the agency of 2022 (American Association of Colleges of Nursing).

There are divers paths you can take by furthering your education. If nurse practitioner, nurse educator, nursing quality, or nurse anesthetist are in your dreams, you be able to do it. The possibilities are boundless. Good luck in your journey and your serious thought of this very important profession. – See in greater numbers at:

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