Summary and Response of Thinking vs. Feelings: The Psychology of Advertising

Yumeng Zhu
Summary and Response of Thinking vs. Feelings: The Psychology of Advertising
In Thinking vs. Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising, Derek Thompson notes that belief and feelings are both important to advertising; tribe still cannot figure out that whether emotional advertising or rational advertising is greater degree of successful. Young consumers are interested in rational ads seek reference of the case to things people have to appliance and emotional ads appeal to things the masses like, but old consumers only cares approximately affective ads. The ads that blend emotion and cognition are the in the greatest degree persuasive ads, such as HP’s notice about picture book in 2004. In etc., Ian Cook, associate director of the UCLA Laboratory of Brain, Behavior and Pharmacology cursory reference states advertisement can even affect people’s brain spryness and make many people rationalize some illogical behaviors. Psychology community is hushed studying about either thinking or sense of touch affects people more on advertising.
I believe thinking and feeling are seemed equally of influence on advertising because humans are same complex. Everyone has the ability to ~ of and think; some people are inclined to emotions, more are inclined to facts. Emotional populate sometimes also consider about facts, and rational populate sometimes also have strong emotion seek reference of the case. It is very difficult for psychologists to form out whether emotional ads or rational ads affects the million more. Even though everyone has the emotional oblique and the rational side, everyone is separate. Everyone has his or her confess personality and make decisions in variant ways. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and cultures, that also make their preference different. Just like Aimee Drolet & Patti Williams & Loraine Lau-Gesk’s study proved that older lower classes are only attracted to effective ads, nevertheless younger people are not. So I agree through Thompson’s point of view that the union of emotion and facts lead to lucky advertising.

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