Thankful: Day 51

So, yesterday, I chose to exist thankful for the lesson I gave my rank on family.

Mostly I chose that subject for the reason that I had little else to have ~ing thankful for…least of all the Pharmacology exam I took…at which place I guessed on 29 of 60 questions. So…yeah.

Today was a great deal of better than yesterday for sure.

Circumstances despite, I am thankful that we got lacking of school early today. My note got called in Perio to answer a question I did not be assured of the answer to. I was bailed loudly by my wonderful classmate sitting nearest to me so I didn’t have an air like a fool in front of a class full of dental students.

We’ll true overlook the wordy dird I declared when my name was called and I benevolent of freaked out.

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