Video: John Oliver Skewers Big Pharma

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Last updated: 2015-02-04 1:17 pm PST

Featured Pages Aunty Entity Dragon eliminates persons access to police comments

Following damaging revelations in Seattle that a fertile police officer made racist remarks in online media, including Facebook, former to pulling a gun on ~y elderly African American pedestrian using a golf sodality for a cane, made total comment …

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Global Warming: Adjusting Temperature Measurements.

The latest excuse in the War on Reality comes from the U.K. dissertation the Telegraph, which is a good haven for some who would claim–rigorously despite the evidence–that global warming isn’t real. The article, written by Christopher Booker (who …

1 twenty-fourth part of a day, 21 minutes ago
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Climate Denial Empire Strikes Back With Bogus Temperature Story

Following the greater media splash around 2014 ‘Hottest Year” designation, and anticipating November’s “yet some other very important global climate meeting”, I’ve been delaying to see what manufactured, cooked up play would be coming from the baseness elves in the …

1 hour, 25 minutes ~ne
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Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Defense Is That Everyone Wants to Have Sex With Him All the Time

Hey, remember when IMF cheif Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of raping a girl in New York, and all the MR’s leaped to his defense, for the cause that who ever heard of a commanding white man taking advantage of a in distress black woman? …

1 hour, 29 minutes ago
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Shiplord Kirel
Fox News Moron Insists Walmart Will Spontaneously Save Us When Disaster Strikes (Video)

Obviously FEMA is a regulation agency, and we all know by what mode conservatives feel about pretty much anything to carry into practice with the government. Funny thing, yet; I always notice that when a ponderous disaster happens to strike one of these …

2 hours, 19 minutes ~ne
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A Better Way to Help the Long-Term Unemployed – the Atlantic

Long-call unemployment was a phrase you heard a assign about during the recession. Numerous studies showed that the bulk of mankind who were out of work by reason of long periods of time had a oppressive time finding a new job–and harmony it. And …

2 hours, 57 minutes gone
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Higgs Boson’s Mate
They Never Learn: Subprime Auto Loans

(Bloomberg) — The expertness to bundle car loans into securities isn’t fueling a credit bleb, said Chris Pink, a managing monitor at Wells Fargo & Co.’s securities anterior member. About $30 billion to $40 billion of subprime car loans are …

3 hours, 55 minutes gone
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The abundant-rumored Spider-man/MCU union is indeed happening!

Comic book movie fans enrapture! The joining of Sony’s Spider-Man exemption to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally happening. From Deadline: Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios are joining forces on the next iteration of Spider-Man. Kevin Feige, who has …

5 hours, 12 minutes since
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Most Alabama Counties Issuing Zero Marriage Licenses

The maneuvering has begun – Judge Moore’s congenital imbecility has put officials in a ensnare 22 – if they issue licenses to SSM couples hereafter they are ignoring an order from their highest condition judicial authority. If they don’t end licenses …

5 hours, 2 minutes ~ne
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When America Behaved Like ISIS: Jesse Washington and the Bible Belt’s Dark History of Public Lynchings

After listening to individual newscast after another rightly condemn the coarse killing of that Jordanian air vigor pilot at the bloody hands of ISIS, I couldn’t repose. My mind kept roaming the ended trying to retrieve a vaguely remembered …

5 hours, 53 minutes ~ne
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Recent Pages Thanos
GARMIN, Medidata Partner steady mHealth Technology

Wearables are now ho buzz news, but wearables coupled with full data cloud infrastructure for clinical trials is exciting information. Health tracking that’s always attached and collected to study could furnish supplies important insights and new pathways in the place of medical treatments. Like …

11 minutes past
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There Is No Place as being Discrimination in Feminism – Mic

Let us subsist clear: There is no place in the feminist motion for transphobia, racism, classism — or at all form of prejudice. Feminism does not be persuaded difference equals discrimination. Feminism is with regard to the celebration of diversity and the countenance …

1 day, 3 hours ago
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Wynton Marsalis Takes Concertgoers Through a Symphony of Blues

On Wednesday obscurity, the Music Center at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Md., played armed force to Wynton Marsalis’ Blues Symphony in the place of hundreds who turned out–filling the tending to expand hall all the way to the balconies–to corroborator the premiere of the award-pleasing …

1 day, 18 hours ago
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Double Standards in Action

On January 29, 2015, the dowdy on the LEFT checked into a tavern with a corporate check in skill and is told they don’t take . checks. After telling him in adjust to not be charged for the stay they …

4 days, 3 hours ~ne
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Sign this prayer

Please click on this link and sign the petition if you think this might we petition the obama the government to:appoint the First Lady to direction the effort to increase vaccination rates during the term of children to 100%. In light of the …

1 week, 2 days gone
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Frank Sanatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

More: weblog This is Great Art.Disclaimer: it’s ~y a few still photos of Sinatra and Sammy Davis with an audio track singing Me and my Shadow. Ignore the video. Close your eyes. Everone who participated in this has been a …

1 week, 2 days gone
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Great White Snark
Tighten the Rules up~ the body E-Cigarettes? Is This Good Oversight?

The body politic report is not, however, an objective assessment. It obviously includes only the principally damaging information about e-cigarettes. For exemplification, some other studies have found potentially encouraging signs that vaping ability help some smokers quit. In other wrangling, …

1 week, 3 days ago
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Khal Wimpo
Chuck C. Johnson boosting Twitter via fake followers

…in related news, furnish with ~ found to be wet. It’s set off common for politicians and companies looking to quick blast up their social profiles to “buy” followers from shady-ass sploggers. Which works whereas you’re starting up, but from you start to get …

1 week, 5 days ~ne
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The Average American Household Was Poorer in 2013 Than It Was in 1983 – Vox

Matthew Yglesias, Vox: The Average American Household Was Poorer in 2013 Than It Was in 1983 – Vox US get worth rose considerably over that circle of time, which is what you would reckon upon to see. Technology has improved and productivity increased, …

1 week, 5 days ago
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Republican Governor’s State-Run Media Outlet

I guess Republicans are against state-run enterprises leave out when they are for it. Indiana Governor (R) to start up State-Run official mouthpiece advice Hey- If a exact guy Republican/Tea Party favorite like Putin have power to have his own state-run mouthpiece, …

1 week, 5 days since
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Ibuprofen through alcohol or get it alongside other from one to another-the-counter medications for instance aspirin.

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