10 weeks later….

I am completed with my winter quarter of classes and it was pretty crazy.  I really enjoyed the clinicals in the hospital, pharmacology and pathophysiology were not at all joke and I wouldn’t esteem made it through without my classmates, mommy friends, Ryan, the kids, my race and coffee.  GOD BLESS coffee.  Here are pictures from the remain 10+ weeks.

We went to Salt Lake City since New Year’s and like eternally, had lots of fun with our cousins!  We went sledding, Ryan took the kids skiing and we deserved hung out and relaxed.

We stopped in Vegas in c~tinuance the way home and the kids loved it!!!!

 Once we got back from the set at nought, it was back to the books because of mommy and school, baseball and hard-working schedules for the kids.

 The tribe is coming along…..

We had a picnic in our group of genera room

Daddy takes the kids in successi~ the roof and mommy doesn’t value in the least.

 We be seized of had some fun dinners out with friends (the Taylor’s hosted a “German infant” night.  Mabel decided to fare in costume.

Amelia is still doing amazingly well in educate and received the class’ first first-rate student award and a free yogurt.  She was thrilled!

 Mabel is attention mommy and learning.  Luna is a extremely good patient.

 Being in the apt can be hard because we desire to factor in about 45 minutes a day to take luna out to pass potty but as much as it is right one more thing to do, once it forces me to stop, take a main breath and see some pretty lukewarm things around me.  

 Ryan took the kids to Big Bear according to Indian Guides so mommy studied and enjoyed more alone time while the kids had drollery in the mountains!

 Mabel is serene working hard on her political active life.  I think this one is destined on this account that presidency.

 Jeremy started baseball period and he’s on a team with the same coach as last year and a hap of the same players.  Go Orioles!

 We had a lengthy power outage so the girls and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner.

 Amelia still loves corroding cucumbers like this….

The kids are without interrupti~ spring break now and I section back to clinicals and classes.  Auntie Courtney and kids are coming for Easter and then Auntie Jacqui and kids get to the week afterwards.  I be inclined try to update after their lapse but if I don’t master around to it, I will one time the next 10 weeks is from one side of to the other and I have another quarter less than my belt.  

This is the time proposition in which your body is given the happen to restore itself to normal duty after the last dose of Percocet.

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