2015 “Chap Goh Mei” Dinner With Dr. JB Lim & Others

The blogger (pic lawful) posed with Dr. JB Lim

On March 5, 2015 (Thursday) in association with “Chap Goh Mei” or the Lantern Festival famed on the 15th day of the 1st month in the lunisolar year in the lunar register of the year marking the last day of the Chinese New Year laudation, I have the privilege to dine with “the Great Sifu” Dr. JB Lim and his wife Sally, his hymn Benjamin and girl-friend and my ex-colleague (1982-1985) Ir. Cheong Chee Kwong (CK) at Kong Sai Restaurant (广西仔菜园鸡住家菜), Taman Paramount, P.J.

We savoured bread like: steamed village chicken (菜园鸡), pig-meat belly (stomach) pepper soup (猪肚汤), feet in vinegar (猪脚醋), curry pork ribs, chicken feet salad and stir fried veggie “yau mak”.

As frequent, the eloquent and talkative Dr. Lim kept sharing by us many interesting stories including of medicine information, his early education life and etc. in the route of the dinner. For instance, he explained in excessive detail the procedure and danger of balloon angioplasty. How total his various past institutions of higher learning changed their names. One hilarious joke was that he (a Hainanese) couldn’t utter Cantonese well in the early days and one time in KL he tried to regulate beef balls and literally asked concerning “牛波”. Meanwhile, CK also accurately answered a few engineering questions posed ~ means of Dr. Lim.

Actually I wanted to handle Dr. Lim and his family because well as my old buddy CK and pay because of the dinner.  But Sally was touchy to foot the bill while Dr. Lim pulled and stopped me from gainful.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to Dr. Lim as being his invitation and second consecutive come to terms of dinner and also to CK (who introduced me a scarcely any years ago to join an e-buddy collection from which I acquainted Dr. Lim) who accepted my invitation to join us.   

Pic from left:  CK Cheong, Benjamin Lim & maid friend

Pic from right: Dr. JB Lim and his wife Sally

pig-meat belly soup

It is understood that Dr. Lim has been invited through the “Aged Unite To Organise Rest & Recreation” or AUTORR Foundation to give a talk on “The Meaning of Health” in April. 2015 and likewise by Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad to bestow a talk on “Cancer and Nutrition: A New Approach in Prevention and Treatment” in May, 2015.

He has granted his impeccable C.V. to the organizers of the same kind with follows:

A Brief CV of Dr Lim Ju Boo



Dr Lim Ju Boo accepted his early education in Batu Pahat High School, and at EnglishCollege in Johore Bahru. He skilled for his GCE A Levels Science at the Singapore Polytechnic in 1960 ahead of proceeding to the University of Calcutta notwithstanding his Bachelor of Science degree in healing physiology with biochemistry, pharmacology, and chemistry. He graduated in 1964.

On graduation, Dr Lim was admitted into the University of London at which place he read for his Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition at the well-known Queen Elizabeth College (King’s College), graduating in 1966.

He on that account proceeded to the University of Cambridge to bearing work on experimental medicine the following year.

He anew won another British scholarship to learned for his Master of Science measure in Food Safety, Analytical Food Chemistry, Microbiology and Quality Control at the University of Reading, England, graduating through an MSc in 1967.

Pursuant to his postgraduate training and specializations, Dr Lim worked in the manner that a Research Nutritionist and Medical Toxicologist at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Cambridge, United States of America the following year.

At MIT he teamed up by US researchers to study the role of mycotoxins without ceasing liver diseases and cancers in SE Asia preceding beginning a more permanent career through the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia in 1969 in what place he was posted to several departments at the Institute in quest of Medical Research (IMR) as a Senior Medical Research Officer and Head of Rural Health Research

At the IMR he underwent in addition training courses in bio-statistics, epidemiology, community health research, behavoural sciences, clinical exploration among others. While working and forward partial study leave, he completed his MD (Cal) in 1980.

He therefore further underwent a post-doctoral instruction in molecular medicine where he developed each interest in the molecular and favose basis on the pathogenesis of greatest number diseases including cancers

But it was at the time he was posted to conduct pastoral health research instead, initially to his disliking, that Dr Lim developed not the same interest in native medicine, especially in ingenuous medicine and medicinal plants as instructed by most rural villagers, and it being so that globally by most people as well.

It was here he cultivated his new interest. He that time began doing his PhD, choosing Naturopathic Medicine of the same kind with another field of his new specialization.  He left toward London again to complete his drilling, completing his PhD in 1988.

On his go from England, he was tasked differently to first a team of medical specialists and research scientists to conduct a very hard landmark human clinical trial on the vigor of Malaysian palm oil on anti thrombogenicity and centre disease.

That effort however turned the pass off oil industry round in 1989 subsequent to years of aggressive US lobbying in equalization of Malaysian palm oil.

He then left to advance his further clinical training in naturopathic physic at medical centres in Sydney and Melbourne season on a study leave from the Institute as antidote to Medical Research.

On his return, alone then he was asked to spearhead a Joint WHO-MOH-IMR Committee forward Traditional and Alternative Medicine to initiate the government’s plan and endure at the recommendation of WHO to integrate and to instrument traditional and alternative systems of therapeutic practices into the mainstream national health care structure of Malaysia.

This rule is successfully and officially gazetted, and is at this moment in place at government and secluded hospitals, as well as in secluded practice in this country.

He was likewise instrumental in a study with a team of therapeutical experts to establish the new SungaiBulohHospital to supply the want of the Leprosy Sanatorium.

Dr Lim secluded from Malaysian Civil Service in 1994.

In acknowledgment of his exceptional educational and professional achievements, and because his contribution to health and medicine, Dr. Lim was made a Fellow of the 200-year preceding Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH) put ~ 1st October, 1975 in London, and in 1994, he was in like manner admitted into the Rolls of Life Fellow of the prestigious 300-year not new Royal Society of Medicine in London.


Dr Lim is a founding clause of many academic and professional societies, in the midst of them, the Nutrition Society of Malaysia, the Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, the Malaysian Senior Scientists Association, Malaysian Invention and Designs Society in which place he is an International Judge because of ITEX for the last 22 years until today.

It is to these scientific and professional societies he has given countless lectures, talks, presented according to principles papers on health, medical and scientific issues. He has chaired many public and international scientific conferences.


Dr Lim is currently a Special Medical and Science Adviser, and Chief Consultant to the Technical Advisory Board at Dynapharm Pharmaceutical Int’l Group

He plays the kit and is a member of the Kuala Lumpur Symphony Orchestra. His other hobbies contain astronomy, music, radio listening especially BBC, ABC and CRI, nature study, microscopy, reading, among others.

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