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Winter may be here, but have no fear! Snow and concreted sugar don’t have to mean that sweatpants and oversized scarves be seized of to dominate your wardrobe. On campus, winter fashion can still be a people of distinction opportunity to dress your best. Whether you’ve got a superior vintage winter coat or a cluster of fabulous boots, bringing out your possess style is still possible despite the cool weather. Here at the Sheaf we aphrodite to see students representing their originality and unique fashion sense, which is why campus fashion is still here to convey you some of the best of winter outfits spotted on campus — in spite of the onslaught of snow and UGGs.

Mackenzie Paradzik

Mackenzie Paradzik 

Age. 19. College of Arts and Science. International studies, rudimentary year.

Tell me a bit almost your outfit.

“My boots and my blazer are the one and the other from Value Village. I love shopping there. My skirt is from Zara, my shirt is from American Apparel and my necklace is from Aldo.”

What is the most excellent thing about winter fashion?

“The part that I love about winter method is layering because it gives you a portion of opportunity to play around through different styles and shapes that you be able to make with clothing. You can produce a lot of different outfits with layering — things you wouldn’t exist able to do in the summer. I moreover wear a lot of black such the color palette is definitely more my style in winter.”

Where complete you draw inspiration from for your outfits?

“My cast is inspired by my mood. I moreover get a lot of inspiration from films that I watch or melody videos. I love street style blogs likewise, but what I wear is exceedingly, very dependent on my mood.

“I also love guy’s clothing. I observe it very versatile and I delight in over-sized stuff. In the summer I’ll bribe guy’s shirts and wear them viewed like dresses.”

Why is dressing well serious to you?

“Fashion has evermore been something that I’ve been to a high degree interested in. It’s my beloved way of self-expression — I attend it as moving art. You be able to tell so much about a somebody from the way they present themselves and it’s a creative vent.”


Chitbhanu Singh 

Age 21. College of Arts and Science. Physiology and Pharmacology, fourth year.

Tell me a get the ~s on about your outfit.

“The scarf is verily from India. It was a benefaction from my mom. The jacket is from a hoard in Edmonton and the shirt is from Tommy Hilfiger. The jeans are from a troop called ASOS — I bought them online — and the boots are Dr. Martens.”

What is the superlatively good thing about winter fashion?

“For male animal fashion there’s a lot greater amount of room to experiment with different layers and textures. With summer, I handle that there’s not as a great deal of variety for guys. Right now I’m really into a lot of synthetic fabrics that are arrival out. A lot of companies dress their research into good fabrics that are lightweight and you can compact them… They are to a high degree technical fabrics, so you can procure a lot of use out of them. They’re remarkably durable and very warm.”

Do you bear any university fashion tips?

“It’s beneficial to focus on getting your fits the floor first instead of investing a spacious amount of money in one sign-manual piece… I think it’s material to be aware of your proportions and afterward buying or tailoring your clothes to request those proportions. Once you become gratifying with all of that, then you have power to sort of play around with not the same silhouettes. But I think it’s pleasant to get the basics down in conditions of fit.”

Why is fertilizer well important to you?

“Having event suited to your proportions is same important to me. It makes me be conscious of being confident when I know that I’m putting in order well and I’ve seen that it does esteem a memorable impression. People remember you like that person who tends to take that extreme step in dressing well.”

Photos: Katherine Fedoroff/Photo Editor

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