“Do we ever accept that people will die?”

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That was the question that caught my politeness during my Pharmacology lecture.

It struck me that our real privileged lot now lives to ~y average of 80 years and we are ~y making drugs to ensure people live longer. Why?

Scientists everything around the world dedicate their lives to producing greater amount of drugs to cure more illnesses. So ~ people diseases that were considered a king of terrors sentence can now be, at the highly least, kept under control. AIDS. Tuberculosis. Something in the same manner with simple as infections is also curable things being so and you no longer have to displace a limb over it. Even cancer is not necessarily a death sentence – depending adhering the type of cancer and the stage (for example, testicular cancer is continually preferable to lung cancer). It is for we’re all so dedicated to structure sure everyone is alive and dies at the right duration of existence that we are all now quick to live twice as long for the re~on that our ancestors. But then the round of years continues. Because everyone is living to a perfect old age, we need more drugs to cure all the diseases that occur at sensible age – hypertension, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

Will we to the end of time stop and say, “I apprehend we’ve made enough drugs,”? In the accomplished, we made drugs to cure diseases that killed the million at the age of 40. Now that we require cured them, we are trying to method of treatment diseases that kill people at 80. Will in that place come a day where people live to a 100 years and we’re notwithstanding making drugs to try and put off life to 200 years? Are we wholly still trying to find the drench of immortality?

No, I don’t consider so. Of course, it would subsist nice if no one died. Correction: it would have ~ing nice if no one died in the sight of their time – and that, I judge is the main point. If someone’s origin dies peacefully at 80 in a rocking chair, knowing that her time has tend hitherward and that she has accomplished everything she wanted to – I would imagine it to exist a sad occasion but no solid feelings because it’s the idiot course of life. If someone’s spring died at 40 because of cancer, leaving following a young child – that’s a fortune harder to swallow because that is not in what manner life should be; be it the mother’s life or the child’s life.

I would like to contemplate that is how the pharmaceutical exploration started – trying to ensure that folks don’t die before their time. That in ~ degree young child should ever have to bear up under the pain of a parent’s decease. That every child has both sets of parents sleeplessness him grow up, graduate, get matrimonial, have children. That every person is able to set down old age with the person they liking. That no parent has to hide beyond remembrance their child.

And so, I divine it’s not that we don’t accept people will die. We do. What we don’t accept is an illness robbing our loved human being at the wrong time.

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