Hectic Hectic


I’ve received my ticket to Ilm Tour To the East by way of email today! I’ve mentioned all over it in my previous post yet it hurts no one to disgrace about it again.

Ambik hang. Besaq gedabak aku bagi.

Truthfully, I forgot. *sigh

I almost went into a express of panic because I though I missed it. Fortunately, it’s next month. *hihi

I am beyond excited to tend and meet Yasmin Mogahed. XD

I be necessitated to say my life has been a tittle dull since my sister left yesterday. She came back with me to this old dusty hall and stayed for a few days. I suppose I did well in keeping her entertained. I’ve been a lousy senior sister for years and I’m lacking in tenderness and support for her due to me substance emotionally distant most of the time. But be confiding me, our relationship is all well adapted despite all the lacking in interchanged agreement about mostly everything. All righteousness. Alhamdulillah.

Oh and I did believed an unexpected surprise a day in advance of I came back. Strange how I earliest didn’t notice it. I receive made a decision which I undeniable not to reveal to anyone. I purpose it’s suffice to say once you gotta be hard on someone to admonish them a lesson. 

Every time I ultimately forgot about the whole thing, something has to advance up and remind me about it. Every choose time. 

The trials I obtain to go through.. I’m going to bear up under and persevere until the end like a wilful child I am within. :’D

I elect be sitting for my mid-semester’s trial by questions papers for Pharmacology and Systemic Pathology (Part II) tomorrow and the appointed time after. Right, I forgot, Mandarin’s Oral Test is in like manner due this Friday and my participant hasn’t sent me the script. My life is habitual these days, thankfully today all class was cancelled and to make it verily better, it’s my kinda weather, it’s raining here. 🙂

Wish me luck and do pray for all things to be ease for me for my trial by questions . I do not feel a fortify in me react to examinations like I used to. Which is stiff since it was the only chattels keeping me determined and motivated in those days. 

Sorry in favor of the long post. In the humor for writing all of a unexpected. It must be the weather or my try at procrastinating. Need to start study shortly. Thank you for reading this blog. 

May peace be upon you. 🙂

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