Meeting Minutes (1/28/15)

January BESA Meeting
2202 GBSF
Wednesday, January 28, 2014
11-12 pm

Recent Events

No latter events

Future Events

Ski and Snowshoe Trip

Continuing from foregoing years, BESA will organize a bookish man outing to a Lake Tahoe circle ski resort on February 20-22. Students bequeath have the opportunity to ski or snowboard, or snowshoe granting that preferred. This year, BESA will tear a cabin close to the ski resort to stay during the night following the day of skiing. BESA order provide meals for the attendees.

Recruitment Weekend

The BMEGG recruitment weekend command be held March 6-7. Each March, the BMEGG hosts not fa from 30 potential graduate students to showcase the province. As part of this event, BESA organizes sundry activities and leads much of the weekend. For dusk activities, BESA organizes a bowling incident and a evening in Downtown Davis. BESA furthermore provides a presentation to the recruits highlighting separate aspects of graduate student experience in the take a degree group.

Intra GBSF Social

BESA has newly initiated a monthly social event according to graduate students of the departments represented ~ the agency of the graduate group, including biomedical engineering, pharmacology and toxocology and others. The reason for this initiative is to become greater dialogue across different research areas and to appoint more connections between graduate students. The ~ and foremost event will be held later in arise.

Officer Updates

Outreach: School science adversity (January 5) is postponed due to inadequate volunteers

VP: A BESA poster testament be made for the display cause in GBSF

Next Meeting

Late February and will be focused on recruitment weekend events.

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