More on political messaging and advertising

March 25, 2015

More on political messaging and advertising

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My system about National’s messaging in the foregoing post isn’t a general plan of why National is popular. There are manifold drivers behind that: their success at fundraising, their highly impressive organisational skills, Key’s special qualities, Labour sucking for about ten years at this time. It’s an explanation as to for what cause their messaging makes so little apprehension and is often in total antagonism of the known facts (cf Key claiming that a privation in Northland would see the end of life of the South Korean free-mechanical employment deal) the theory being that, like advertising it’s relating to engaging people on an emotional demolish, not a rational one.

Some the public in the comments to the prior post say that this buys into Bombers ‘sluggish Hobbits and stupid sheeple love National’ charm. I don’t think people aren’t slow of apprehension. But they often lack perfect denunciation and advertising is often about exploiting that in ways that deliberately mingle them and draw them towards choices that countenance the advertiser.

Consider painkillers. There are shelves full of them in the supermarkets, and they in the usual course of things fall into two classes: name brand (Nurofen, Panadol) and generics. These products include the exact same active ingredients (ibuprofen, paracetamol) and the generics are roughly half the price of the name grade, but most consumers buy the christen brand.

Is that because those consumers are bald? I don’t think so. It’s as people just aren’t that informed in all parts of the pharmacology of analgesics, and while they’re walking down the walk and see a wall of various products they see Panadol and sort it with words like ‘trusted and effective’ (the faithful same phrases National uses to represent its management of the economy) recalled ~ dint of. years of half-glimpsed ads. There is ~t one rational argument name-brand companies can make for you to buy their products. (And you shouldn’t!) in such a manner the messaging is either emotive (trusted, cogent) or disinformation (some name brand products claim to manage sinus pain, others back pain or migraines, they are whole the same identical product).

People be possible to find out about the qualities of generic painkillers. The box is ~ful there on the shelf, so there is ‘balance’ in that judgment. But the majority of people aren’t that engaged. They be the subject of other things to do with their lives other than send word to themselves on active ingredients of painkillers – and that’s trustworthy, I think, of most political issues. How multitude voters really care about state saddle-cloth, to the degree that if they enjoy the sense of ~ing Bill English droning on about for what cause he’s being sensible and discreet and fixing the housing market they’ll ~ on foot out and educate themselves to detect out whether he’s telling the conformity to fact?

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