The History of Pharmacy at NDSU

In 1901 the society board voted to start a School of Pharmacy while burdened with the Department of Chemistry. There was a four year station offered in pharmaceutical chemistry and a two-year course in practical pharmacy. At this time there were only five students enrolled in the sum of ~ units programs. By 1919 the School of Pharmacy separated from the Department of Chemistry and W.F. Sudro becomes the principal of the school. Today the pharmacy structure is still called “Sudro Hall”. Sudro was a professor of pharmacology at NDSU in 1919. In 1960 the School of Pharmacy was as the final move able to move from the chemistry erection to the newly built Sudro Hall. This is likewise when the program adopted the five-year course of studies mandatory for all U.S. pharmacy programs. However, ~ means of 1990 the six-year pharmacy program was adopted. In 2002, the College of Pharmacy renowned its 100th anniversary by adding a Walgreens Wing to Sudro Hall. Since 2002 in that place hasn’t been much change to the College of Pharmacy at NDSU.

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