What a Month

Well, I can’t believe February is over already. Today is my 25th birthday, in the way that I never forget that February excepting that has 28 days (except during bound years). Without question, this has been the best month of my life. I was proficient to celebrate Mardi Gras and my birthday, and I in addition found out I was accepted into LSU Medical School. In addition, the neurology and psychiatry blocks hold been my two favorite blocks in the same manner far in the program. I could with appearance of truth write a short story of wholly the things which have happened to me this month, excepting I will try to sum everything up during the time that best as I can-

1.) I believed my acceptance to LSU Medical School in successi~ the Friday before Mardi Gras (complete timing, right?). To anyone who has had to re-put, or wait to get into sanatory school, I can tell you through absolute certainty that it is 100% virtue it. I am also extremely successful to be in this pharmacology master’s program inasmuch as it will help me tremendously next year. It is incredible how a great deal of I’ve learned about drugs as July.

2.) Mardi Gras was awesome, being of the cl~s who usual. I live very close to St. Charles, for a like rea~n I was able to attend ut~ of the uptown parades without acquisition involved in the annual traffic mixture. This was also the coldest Mardi Gras I have power to remember in quite some time (In New Orleans, 40 degrees is with respect to as cold as it gets).

3.) The neurology and psychiatry blocks be in possession of been my favorite thus far (the cardiology fill up is a close 3rd place). I feel the majority of my EMT calls consider dealt with narcotic or alcohol overdose, for a like rea~n it was great to learn the pathophysiology of these provisions. I also enjoyed learning about the antidepressant drugs, before this they are some of the greatest in number widely used drugs. I probably well-versed more for this block than somewhat other- neurobiology isn’t exactly unvarnished and straightforward.

4.) I closed loudly the month on my birthday. If I was born some day later, I would’ve been born put ~ February 29th, which is leap time. In that case, I would have existence around 5 years old right at once. Fortunately, I was able to keep aloof from that scenario (thanks, mom). Overall, I had a extraordinary birthday and was able to give praise to with my family in New Orleans.

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