Why your pharmacist (still) hates you

Pregnant resigned walks in on a Sunday afternoon by a prescription for Cipro

Cipro is contraindicated in pregnancy

Patient evidently worn out a long night in the ER solely to be seen by a residing who slept through pharmacology 101. She is tired, oh and silent pregnant.

I can’t magically unfold her solution on the spot in this way she barges out. “You fix it and denominate me ASAP” she says

I squander 1 hour on the phone with the ER department. Original resident is, surprise, opposite duty and probably back to inactive (if only there was a run after in that!)

After being pushed encompassing departments, resident’s overlord is paged to christen me.

2 hours later, MD calls in by alternate script.

Patient is called. Hmm, in ~ degree answer. Message is left on voicemail.

2 hours later quiet no answer, I call again.

Preggo: “Oh I conscientious called my cousin who’s a GP and she googled what to give me. I then went across the street to your competitor to ~ up it”

*exasperated scream into the great depth of useless wastes of my time still again

I’ve been told that I am true lucky that my doc gives Pain meds.

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