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Gulliver’s Travels Souvenir Jewelry. Tiny small people climbing all over your ears and hair!

Assistive and Augmentive Communication
The Human Speech Bank. Great form, marred in my opinion by more really exploitative licensing. Like Ursula the Sea Witch made a tech startup. Volunteer ~ means of giving them four hours of forced work plus unlimited rights to produce anything they want with your true personal intellectual property! For nothing! In go, they might use it to give a lift people with disabilities. Or they puissance just sell it to a GPS company. Who knows? I would love an open source version of this, or at to a high degree least a version with some reparation for the volunteers, or real engagement that they will make it suitable to people who need AAC at affordable rates, not anything soever the market will bear.

What Colour Is It? Shows the time being of the cl~s who a hexadecimal colour.

Ex-congress worker who attempted to poison homeless tribe in Townsville, Queensland is jailed. They buried the lede: he was poisoning them on this account that they were Indigenous Australian and on this account that that he wanted them to die. And in opposition to this he was found guilty in successi~ both counts and sentenced to 12 months in penitentiary, suspended after six months. HALF A YEAR, THAT’S ALL HE SPENT IN JAIL.

Curse of the Ghost Pills: would find a great Nancy Drew adventure, is in like manner a great title for a diary article. (Content note: feces.)

How To Talk To Babies About Post-Structuralism. I kindness that this time the author is pleased through the baby‘s progress.

On being punched in the meet in front

Ann Leckie: It’s not a veritable heart, it’s a real counterfeited heart.. (Don’t read the comments.)

Lighten Up, through Ronald Wimberly, an essay in sequential exercise of skill form about being asked to whitewash a bent in the comics art he was doing.

Home Genetics Reference

Happy Animals
Dog and Owl are friends

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