26th April 2015


Well, it’s exactly 12 midnight and I’m writing this post because I suddenly had the goad to write about something at this vile hour even when I have operate later at 8.30am and be favored with yet to finish writing my Curriculum Vitae in spite of my communication skills module as well as read my Stem cells article against my half-done tutorial worksheet.

So I command make it a quick one….hopefully. First week of reprove was alright, no tutorials and lab sessions up to the present time and lectures were alright though I perceive this semester is going to be so busy since I have 4 centre subjects and 2 electives. Someone helper me. But yes, other than that no quantity exciting…even my modules don’t appear to be exciting. Hmm..genetics, cloning etc. Except as luck may have it my electives are a little unlike considering that I have one pharmacology module. The without more other interesting module would be Laboratory Animal Science and Technology (LAST) and I heard from the other classes whom had their chief lab session that we’re going to examine a fish on our first lab sitting. Dissect a real, life fish. And entice blood from it’s (still pulsation) heart.

Not sure how should I have ~ing about that. I feel like I’m having a strait. Part of me is feeling excited season the other half of me is reasoning of the poor fish. Oh well. Yes, and I’ve in the long run found a place, or rather pair places that I wouldn’t judgment to go for internship.

1. A*Star Neuroscience Partnership @ NUS Duke

2. National Neuroscience Institute

Haven’t been able to find the research projects conducted in A*Star however I found several projects in NNI that is fine interesting. Though most of the entertaining projects use mice models, but hmm I suppose I’ll make my decision subsequent going through a couple of LAST lab sessions to care for if I’ll be alright by killing mice for the next 5-6 months of my internship. I finish hope I go to either of the couple, but if I don’t get it I wouldn’t mind doing affair related to stem cells.

3. A*Star Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

4. A*Star Institute of Medical Biology

Hm. I don’t mean going to hospitals too but I handle that I wouldn’t get a social project to work on for my Major Project similar to compared to interning at research institutes. Though I don’t note interning at NUS/NTU though…maybe not NTU because that it’s so far.

By the distance earlier on, I was reading my lecturing notes and it was talking on the point the Human Genome Project and I briefly remembered that some time last year I did mention about it but never blogged ready it. Haha not going to blog with respect to it now though but it’s rightful something that I found really entertaining is that now there’s some new therapy coming up called “Gene therapy” whereby treatment of a disease is finished via inserting, altering or removing genes. I don’t judge it’s completed yet since there’s more set backs to it regarding in what plight to properly “knock out” a precise gene without affecting other genes, and too the appropriate carriers to use in like manner it doesn’t go activating genes that aren’t supposed to have ~ing activated. I think if gene therapy is happy, it would be able to restoration cancers and genetic disorders. 🙂

Now back to labor.

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