Advise for ongoing pharm/patho review

0 I am a race nurse practitioner student. I have virtuous finished taking advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology. It was some enormous amount of information to learn in a wanting amount of time (8 weeks by means of subject). Although, I’ve done well in the classes, I discern that my knowledge is not up to smell for practice as an FNP.

My strategies to prolong to increase my knowledge is to write a critical notice of topics of patho, with corresponding pharmacology forward a regular basis. In practice, I lay out to utilize databases, and apps so as Epocrates and Up to Date.

My judicial to practicing NPs is what were your avow strategies to solidify your knowledge in these subjects? Is in that place anything else you would recommend or deliberate against?

Thank you in advance as antidote to any insight you can provide!

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