April Reflection

Total Spring Volunteer Hours: 32 April Hours: n/a This is it. The Masters of Pharmacology program is even-handed about over. One more test steady Tuesday in Cell Control and this year give by ~ be over. This past month has been a in some degree different than how I spent March. I did a fate of my volunteering in March and a portion of preparing for exams/shelf. This month I wish switched gears and started planning notwithstanding the next year. I wasn’t able to finish any volunteering this month but it is a goal of sap to continue volunteering during this upcoming year. I regard spent almost all of my time studying on the side of the new MCAT and making trustworthy I am prepared for my criterion date in June. I have in addition been looking into what I be disposed be doing all of next year. I am hoping to have ~ing doing some sort of volunteering in the of the healing art field or working (hopefully both). This bygone time month has been a lot of seeking for opportunities in New Orleans. I lack to continue to learn and be augmented in a hands-on setting to prepare me ~ the sake of Medical School. I also will have existence starting the reapplication process for of the healing art school in May. As this year of Pharmacology is coming to a close, a new avenue is quickly opening that I am deplorable my best to plan for. This year has helped me other than I could have ever imagined. It was surpassingly helpful to have a year thoroughly of college to really learn in various places medicine and learn from other medicinal school students. This program has prepared me pathetic forward in my path to therapeutical school. The 30 or so of us in this program be under the necessity been through a long year unitedly and hopefully we will continue to observe each other this next year!

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