Biophotonic Scanner .:. Science and Stories Behind It

The highlight is encircling a measuring device with a slender blue light that’s very revealing. It tells you the make horizontal of antioxidants in your body and has the endorsement of Doctor Lester Packer – the fore~ of antioxidants, Professor USC Dept of Molecular Pharmacology & Toxicology as well as Dr. James Rippe, Director-Center despite Clinical and Lifestyle Research and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University.

Institutions and conferences that get reviewed this include:
New York Academy of Sciences,
Oxygen Club of California,
American Society of Nutritional Sciences,
Gordon Research Conferences, and
American College of Nutrition.

Near the expiration are testimonials of people on for what reason their scanner scores were improved by taking products such as LifePak and g3.

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