Career reboot?

Hi everyone. I understand I’ve dropped off the impudence of the earth for several months. 2014 was a trainwreck and 2015 is flying through at a break-neck pace. So what have I been up to, other than neglecting my work career? Let’s see…

Cancer compeer for one of my dearest friends
– Travel baseball team lax manager
– Acquiring a full time EDJ on this account that one of my publishers totally knock down apart
– and as of March 2015– inn hunting

Geez, I need a intermission just reading that list. But to this place are my silver linings:

-My beautiful friend is in remission and other bad ass than ever!
– My son is flourishing in make an excursion baseball and it’s been some adventure being part owner of a team
– The EDJ isn’t quite so evil because I work through are honestly the NICEST, most courteous people on the planet and they’ve encouraged me to practice my pretty nifty brain to track a career in pharmacology
– I possess a new publisher that is the bomb: Kensington Press

I am at this moment, however, in the midst of a affright attack because DESIRE releases May 12th and I’ve completed nothing…NOTHING to promote it. This main division matters so much to me. I scarcity it to be successful in a road that none of my other books wish been. But how to do right by it and my publisher when I’ve moderately much disappeared from the romance title scene?

Is it possible to reboot a inscription career after months of neglect? Has anyone gone ~ there been through the same thing? Any and all advice is welcome.



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