EDA Poster Presentation week11

IMG_6880 IMG_6882

Thanks notwithstanding every tutor and every BIO carcass, we have a good poster show today!

At the beginning, I didn’t know why we should make a broadside, because it is same content to the narrate. Through presenting this poster, I effect its importance and advantages that it is visually and clearly to prove your study results to others and to give or share ideas. Additionally, doing this poster helped me to discipline the ICT skills, it’s serviceable in my future work I opine.

After the poster, the Pharmacology bodies prepared the of the same family questions together, and communicated their answers to restore each other. I felt good in group learning, since group learning make me handle more confident than self-preparing.

We fall short in a panic of going each full of nerves on, but we away feel endanger and the size of our women.

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