Everything We Consume is Safe – It’s The Law?

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In another one of my WordPress blogs, Dirty Little Secrets , I situated this under a different title, ‘The Dirty Little Secrets of the Pusher.’  Chapter 24.  There it contains added complaint, which is more appropriate to the intents and purposes of that blog. Both there and here, it is my intentions to contain them both, in chapters of brace future books in process. Here, it is intended to have ~ing included as a chapter of, (Apple of Gold in a Picture of Silver) which is, a sequel to RESET “An UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic.” But in this place, as well as there, ‘The Pusher’ is, one and the same!

The Pusher?

Yes, the pusher. You be sure, a person or persons that sells illicit drugs.

Well, what does ‘The Pusher’ be seized of to do with, ‘Everything We Consume is Safe – It’s The Law?


 The abstract:

WE the People of the world, DEMAND brighter, better tasting, more flavorful, bigger, again rot-resistant, disease-resistant and cheaper – fruits, vegetables and meats! Farmers DEMAND, higher yields! World pine and world emotional response to starvation, DEMAND all of these things! What is the cost or price paid, for the giving up of these DEMANDS? The simple answer is, are these SAFE?

The dead weight of proof is upon Monsanto or in ~ degree such entity that produce GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or some such supposed or purported food additives or pabulum modifications to ANY AND ALL FOOD distributed in the United States of America. By explanation , this would include: from the song – to the water – to the foulness – to plants – to animals – to human consumption or use. HAS THE BURDEN OF PROOF BEEN MET?

These things would moreover apply to Pharmacology and the practice of Medicine. Are not Pharmacological firms that produce “additives” that are ingested, consumed and/or absorbed, chemical companies? Is this not that which Monsanto and such as they are, ALL chemical companies? Familiarize yourself with the following: “generally recognized in the same proportion that safe” (GRAS)!

Answer the following inquiry, for yourselves, after doing your exactly diligence to research this for yourself. You would penury to just look on the shelves of ANY grocery ~ up. Is the DEMAND, for natural provender supplements and/or” organics” less, the corresponding; of like kind or ON THE RISE? Once other, familiarize yourself with the following: “in the main recognized as safe” (GRAS)!

Leave that interrogatory for the time being. Is the DEMAND, ~ the sake of alternatives (“alternative medicine”) to orally transmitted medicine less, the same or ON THE RISE?  Look put ~ the shelves of any grocery furnish! Familiarize yourself with the following: “in most cases recognized as safe” (GRAS)!

I crave again, of you or any like chemical company, are these things produced that we dissipate or use, “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS)? HAS THE BURDEN OF PROOF BEEN MET?


What DEMANDS these burdens to subsist met? Public law!

What agency of the Federal Government is charged through monitoring, administrating, enforcing and executing this statute? The U.S. Food and Drug administration (FDA)!

Has the FDA, is the FDA – DEMANDING this affliction of proof to be met? Are they not charged by law to: monitor, administer, enforce and consummate the law in which, they are charged by law to do? What law?

The Food Additives Amendment of 1958 is a 1958 amendment to the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act of 1938. It was a reply to concerns about the safety of renovated food additives. The amendment established every exemption from the “food additive” exact meaning and requirements for substances “as the world goes recognized as safe” (GRAS) by according to principles experts in the field,

General Premise or Purpose of the Law:

“An Act to protect the public health by amending the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to forbid the use in food of additives that have not been adequately tested to fix their safety.”


There you bring forth the law, ladies and gentlemen. It is gentle on the books! It is quiet active law in, the United States Code (USC)! It has NOT been rescinded, canceled or overturned through any Congress, President or Supreme Court! It’s appease the law!

Have the DEMANDS of oppress of proof been met? Have the DEMANDS of the FDA been met?

It is a elementary enough solution that can be remedied ~ the agency of a pen! All the President of the United States need do RIGHT NOW is, to sign any one an executive order or presidential memorandum (either or have the same truth)[1], DEMANDING that the FDA have executed the law that they are even now charged to execute! Why has NOT or is this NOT existence done?

I have not mentioned other agencies, branches, departments or other entities in and abroad of Federal, State or Local restraint, which are involved. The facts are, not quite every single one of them are! The style “thick as thieves,” comes to thought. Why is this?

How could our admit country, our own countrymen and women terminate this to us, WE the People? Surely I’m composition this all up? Surely we be possible to trust our government, our food and cosmetics, tot~y the things we purchase and employment in our homes, for our babies and children and from bathing, to cleaning and etc.?  Are these ALL, NOT DRUGS or CHEMICALS? WAKE UP!

Now I’m not suggesting that some one of us, WE the People “excite up” to embrace the conspiracy minded persons that believe our government is aloud to get us!!! The truth is, I DON’T KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE! But I translate know, whether by intent or due plain ignorance, it is a corrupt method!

From BIG MONEY ADVERTISING to the media, business and Wall Street and BIG MONEY LOBBYING– to Washington, D.C.– to the FDA– to the Farm and to our homes and tables, we have all been bought and paid ~ the sake of and sold, a bill of movables!!!!

In another century, in the pre-existing west, this stuff was simply called, ‘Snake Oil’! Today, fit because, this ‘snake oil’ has not made us weak or killed us, does not coming between it’s still not what it is, ‘serpent oil!’ And just because the ‘snake oil’ sellers said it was moral works for us, and the labels take an account of us it’s good for us, does not base, it’s still not – straightforward ‘snake oil.’ And exactly because the sheriff (FDA) has each turned a blind-eye or have not run these ‘pushers’ lacking of town, does not mean it’s on this account that, our ‘snake oil’ is undamaged! Do we really know what’s in it and the sort of is not? And just because there exists some legal ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or “disclaimer,” does NOT mean those responsible are excused from the Burden of Proof or not to have existence held accountable! They are, they, whomever you are!  These things are NOT our freight to prove, it is the impediment that we all bare and that we all share!

Under law, the law has been usurped or laws made to not urge with energy the laws that are still, laws, ~ward the books! Yes, it is a corrupt body! Those that are bound by oath, have so bound themselves to completely these laws, that even if they wanted to, they could not make some ~ in. them!

It is as if, they were like feint hamsters, in a cage, blinding going nowhere and are just spinning an endless wheel, never, to the end of time stopping, always turning and making a salmagundi.


The cage or the room is, while if, it were our country! The wheel is, like if, it is us, WE the People!

In a rural parts of over 300 million people, a president, a few hundred members of Congress, the 12 Supreme Court judges and wholly those which work for these three branches of direction (actually for us), make all the rules, regulations and laws that take pleasure in all of us. When did the indispensably and wants of these few, adorn greater than the needs and wants of the ~ people – the rest of us, WE the People?

If state has so bound themselves that plane they cannot change these things, for this reason the only remedy; the only elucidation is for us, WE the People to modify these things! WE need to RESET!

If you ruminate or believe that I am candid trying to frighten you, I be favored with exaggerated, am mistaken or that I am untrue about any of this, then manifest me wrong and I will cease and desist or just shut-up! If you are moreover busy or just don’t care to make that, then prove me wrong, instead of those others that may read this. If you remember or believe that everything is Okey-Dokey, Peachy-Keen, Just Fine, OK, Copasetic and Safe, afterward prove to me I am grievance. If you are still too meddling and just don’t care touching any of this or me, are you absolutely sure these things are SAFE, as antidote to the future of your children?

If you venture or believe that there is non-existence you can do about any of this, think again and believe differently! You exigency to understand who you are! You are, the same of WE the People, endowed with, endued with and imbued with immense power! WE the People are the capacity of government. Our government is– of, by and for us, WE the People!

“We clutch these truths to be self-plain, that all men are created tantamount, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the following out of Happiness.–That to make safe these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the acquiesce of the governed, –That at whatever time any Form of Government becomes baleful of these ends, it is the Right of the People to be changeable or to abolish it, and to dogma new Government, laying its foundation without interrupti~ such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall appear most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

 extract from: The Declaration of Independence, 1776

WE the People, penury to RESET our Republic, rid ourselves of ‘The Pusher,’ and reinstate our sovereign rights to ourselves and our succeeding generations!

To accomplish this, I invite you to understand, purchase or borrow, RESET “An UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic.” To discover this or locate it, just Google it, Bing it or Yahoo it! Or allowance a comment and just ask. I be pleased provide you with the required information

[1] an executive order or a presidential note are both, presidential actions and effect the same force and effect. The dispute between the two are very jesuitical. Since President John F. Kennedy, an executive order must be numbered and listed in the registry and be under the necessity of state the law or laws, as antidote to its basis. A presidential memorandum has NO skill or guidelines as to its conformation, is NOT numbered and does NOT receive to cite any law or laws in opposition to its basis! It is published in the registry, moreover how difficult is it to procure something that is not numbered or how difficult is it to test its importance, if it cites no law or laws towards its basis???

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