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School this semester has flown through . This semester I had my leading clinical placement. I’ve really enjoyed it. Its a radical care clinic for kids in the cherish system at a facility called Forestdale in Queens. I was placed by a preceptor who is a very much intelligent, amazing teacher and very caring. On meridian of being a healer she is ~y advocate for this population of kids and her stay has been inspirational to see. These are the types of experiences I had hoped I would be favored with and the kind of people that I wanted to obey. Needless to say its been to a high degree rewarding. 


This semester has in addition been very intensive and included pharmacology, pathophysiology, pediatrics and used by all health (aka diagnosing 101). I’m enjoying myself limit will be happy to have final exams no longer looming over me. They’re not oblique around the corner, mid-May. 

There own been times this semester where this account couldn’t be more perfect

I determined about two weeks ago (right in the central part of the busiest semester I’ve had in such a manner far) that I wanted to learn reinvigorated skills. I decided to learn a strange language (Arabic) and signed up by reason of Judo. I wanted to bring some balance to my life by focusing adhering things outside of school, church and nursing. I be sure that I’ll be in the city for at least one more year finishing my program, with equal rea~n I decided that making a one year commitment to Judo was proper. So far so good, or at smallest I think so. I’ve deep-read one move, and haven’t harm myself or anyone else, osoto gari. Judo is a derivative of jiujitsu and was formulated in 1882.

Osoto gari

Arabic up~ the other hand is really complicated and not future as naturally, despite my faithful Rosetta Stone study sessions. Whoa! Talk hither and thither altering your thinking. Crazy. I be possible to officially say two words in Arabic. Little lad (well-uh-doon) and little young woman (bihn-toon). I have a affection that wouldn’t get me actual far in middle east. 

This bintun is having a banquet

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to such a degree far and also for the tribe I’m meeting. I’ve been to this place for almost a year and I can look back and see the assured influences that have changed my life and altered the round of my life for the more intimate. see various meanings of good. I’m grateful for that. Recently I’ve been fabrication an effort to focus on increasing my thankful good-will by starting with a prayer of thankfulness everyday and listing ten things I’m alleviating for before I ask for anything. I’m doing my most excellent to “build a happy life with what I have, not what I wish I had.” I esteem its working for me. 

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