Hello Strangers!

Have you missed me? 

Because I missed you. 

No unless really–I have been feeling a small quantity bit of a void, and I realized that the evacuate is my blogging {or lack there of} these past few weeks. 

I’ve needed a moderate bit of a break to point of concentration on some other parts of my life, 


finishing up my decisive weeks of advanced pharmacology {YAY}

applying/interviewing/harassing HR surrounding a J.O.B.

hockey games

walking/running both & every square inch of each park in Denver 

{I never knew this was such a big park city…this may subsist my new favorite hobby}

perfecting the knack of the poached egg

{eggs benedict is my just discovered thing}

happy hour’s with preceding friends

working on my yoga game 

Yes, I perceive. Lots. But I feel like this has been a iota of a good break, in the intellect that I truly needed to outline out where I’m at with this whole travel nursing thing {More to reach with that next week}. 

 It’s diverting. Thinking about the past year and a moiety and where my life has taken me, the adventures I’ve taken up~ the body, the challenges that I’ve faced by living a life of pure instability…I’m in this way thankful for starting this blog, for it truly has allowed me to aspect at how cyclic your life is, the stages you extend through, the lessons in life you learn, the incredible people you meet along the march and the memories that you favor, all while trying to figure at a loss the actual meaning of what >>home<< entails. 

For the above twenty months, home has consisted of the solid dimensions of what would fit in my itty bitty Ford, little apartments, my dog, my boyfriend/fiance, and particular, amazingly cool places as our playground to examine geographically. That’s been home to me. And in the same state I’m battling with the essence of NOT having that now–I’ve reported it once and I’ll affirm it again…becoming a traveling nurture truly makes you a commitment phobe. The conception of settling down has really sent me into a bridle-~ of tizzy. As my contract is approach to an end in a animate two weeks, I’m really excited to wish a break, to go HOME-home and bestow some much needed time with friends and tribe, soak up every bit of my teeny liliputian break from grad school, and converging-point on blogging adventures, memories, hikes, places to root out, and more great finds. 

Here’s a smart recap on my lately, lately:

Avalanche adventure with a few friends–My rudimentary hockey game ever.

My new pacing horse-perfecting the art of the poached provoke. 

Run through Wash Park with the one and only. Our unaccustomed favorite spot!

Grabbed happy hour by a friend from college and got portentous wedding advice at Cuba Cuba close by downtown. I absolutely LOVE house-turned restaurants, and their mojitos were wholeness. Can’t wait to try completely their cuban cuisine next time!

That’s total, folks. More to come on some AMAZING beauty finds I’ve not long ago discovered, from the perfect brown pencil to my new lip shade that really looks good on EVERYONE. 

xo kels 

These types of like well as the actual non-assiduous way of living plus wrong meals are the ruling cause of this ailment.

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