Sunday Bonus: Frustrated Pharmacologist

April 12, 2015 10:00 am Published ~ dint of. Jules Smith

Name: John

Country: England

Age and sex: 73, male

Occupation: Company guide

Do you believe in God? 

How can one believe in a deity that allows genocide, the holocaust, wars, abuse of adults and children, sickness etc etc.

What is the overthrow thing you’ve ever done?

Poor kinship with my father.

What is your greatest completion?:

Helping to create many jobs.

Tell me a shrouded about you:

I hated school and frequently caused disruption and trouble but was constantly “bailed out” ~ dint of. my cousin who was School Captain.

If you could ~ your way back in time to age 20 by your current life experience, what would you vouchsafe differently?:

Read philosophy at university especially than pharmacology.

There is a 15 year antiquated standing in front of you. What life admonition would you give him/her?:

Don’t obstacle others tell you what to fare and be true to yourself limit without being selfish or bad mannered.

When you are every elderly person, sitting in your rocking chairman and you look back on your life, which do you want to have achieved?:

To be in actual possession of lived a mannered life behaving with others as I would want to have existence treated.

Give me one word that sums up your life tour thus far: Frustrated.

What is the object of life?:

I have absolutely ~t one idea but possibly 42!.

If in that place is anything else you would like to adject that you think is important or apposite to this series please do thus:

Reiterate the mantra “do unto others……….”

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