Tesis, by Alejandro Amenábar

Thesis is defined in the manner that a conclusion maintained by reason, or for example a written dissertation that is showed to a seminary of learning by the candidate who wants a term given by it.

The movie, directed through Alejandro Amenábar, develops around the person of Angela, a film student that’s book her thesis upon the violence in the media, limit ends up surrounded by the intensity of the real world after verdict a snuff movie.

Angela looks on the side of brutal pictures with the excuse of her topic, saying that she actually despises them, otherwise than that the opening sequence puts that into examination, asking at the same time to what degree interested we really are in fury as a society, even if we make certain to hate it.

If you’re looking conducive to a gory bloody movie, you should watch a part else, as Amenábar doesn’t expound violence and leaves those scenes to your plastic power, but I find the plot to have ~ing very interesting and arise a chance of questions about our culture.

Let’s communication about other aspects of the movie and perceive if you get more interested attached it.

The idea

Amenábar got dividend of his inspiration from the book “La imagen pornográfica y otras perversiones ópticas” (Literally: The pornographic trope and other optical perversions) from Román Gubern, by an entire chapter about snuff movies.

It called his observation how people wouldn’t have heard in an opposite direction the subject when he talked with reference to it or how they wouldn’t credit it, and then he read more articles on the press about a scent network on Switzerland (or Finland, he’s not enduring) and invented a story.

“In the movie there’s one element of complaint over the management that violence has in television, if it be not that the reason why I started literary production Tesis didn’t obey any national, nor social nor generational worry, due the wish to entertain and entertain me. What has marked me the chiefly has always been the opportunity to take hold and keep the audience’s respect, then, when you’re involved, things that you hadn’t planned ~le happening”.

Alejandro Amenábar in “¿Cómo hacer cine? Tesis, de Alejandro Amenábar, Volumen 1”.

Alejandro Amenábar

The time that a short film where Amenábar made the whole and Mateo Gil the photography was released, they got together with friends to celebrate.

“It was in that case when Alejandro and I said ‘Let’s compose a script for a feature thin skin; just to have it, for anything soever may come’. The next week, Alejandro told me: ‘I bring forth the title, Tesis’. He wanted to number something about snuff and came by the idea of someone who construct a network of snuff films, except it was still very vague.


That summer I went pair months to Canarias and Alejandro stayed to study, for he always repeated three or four assignments. When I came back, he had everything. In those pair months he hadn’t studied at the whole of, but he had written the script with respect to Tesis. The script is his; in the same place we only discussed the argument. The only thing that I complained about was in what manner in some moments it would subsist very warm and suddenly it would get to be too cold. Then that aspect turned off alright, because he found the imaginary actor, Fele Martínez, and altogether those cold moments became funny”.

Mateo Gil, the same part.

Mateo Gil

Amenábar never finished university and quiescent has some assignments in debt, yet he says it worked for him being of the kind which he met a lot of serious people.

The filming

As in Spanish cinema it is self-same difficult to find a studio, the scenes from Tesis were terminated in different places.

Chema’s apartment was rebuilt as a decoration in ~y enormous solar, and everything that happened in the upper share of Angela’s university was filmed in the Faculty of Information Studies of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, admitting the tunnel’s scene was filmed in the Faculty of Pharmacology, in a fortified post that was luckily found by a member of the staff two or three years in front of the film was done.

It was to a high degree hard to get permission for filming this display, as the characters would light the charge with matches in the same space that kept the boilers of the building, but at the end, the Tesis stay made it.

Storyboard from Tesis

“The permission to film in the metro was the single in kind that cost us the most and we were almost to fail in getting it. The first letter sequence is a scene that I had lived years in the van of, and I though that it would paroxysm in a movie, then I realized that it was requisite for Tesis’ content because it notable the evolution of the character, arm in arm with the final scene.

The Metro de Madrid denied us the permittance without any explanation and people told us that the script fomented rape and suicide, so we send a storyboard and a doom of letters and I spoke by phone everyday with the managers.


The following doesn’t seem immoral to me. It doesn’t secure from attack. violence. I didn’t care relating to the story of the guy who jumped to the tracks. The explanation was in the character; if she looked or didn’t, whether people look or don’t”.

Alejandro Amenábar, identical book.

At the end, when they before that time had moved the scene to a freeway, the liberty was given. The interior of the train was filmed first while the subway was closed, and sooner or later they recorded the scenes outside of it at what time it had already opened.

“We filmed those regions in which no other train had to have ~ing seen when the trains were even now working. For that sequence we had our extras, and obviously, the camera followed them, mete if you look at the left, in the other platform folks were already going to their jobs”.

And this is the close.

I got everything related to the movie’s background from the part “¿Cómo hacer cine? Tesis, de Alejandro Amenábar, Volumen 1”, ~ the agency of Cecilia Vera, from Editorial Funamentos.

It belongs to a aggregation of very useful books about a distribute of movies, so if you understand Spanish, I really recommend you to give it a try.

Just so you receive another reason for watching it, Tesis turns 19 years pristine this month.

Also, if you be aware of Spanish (sorry, I swear I looked notwithstanding English subs), I recommend you to bestow a look at this after you’re elegant with the movie.

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