What’s your experience studying Pharmacology?

I am popularly in my second year of sixth configuration and have considered a Pharmacology step for a couple of years. Recently, I’ve started to realize cold feet, and I’m not abiding if I want to do Pharmacology or some other degree. I have not applied to UCAS hitherto as I will apply for 2016/2017 access. I am studying Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology and be in actual possession of looked at many universities.

I was wondering which other people’s experiences have been studying a pharmacology stage.

Please tell me:

What uni you are at?

Was the pursue hard to adjust to from A levels?

Did you observe it really hard to start with and how did you get used to the direction?

How good is the teaching at your uni and is in that place good support in the department?

How abundant time do you spend in scheduled lectures/seminars/practicals ect?

What careers are you looking to ~ along into after uni?

What are the virtuous and bad bits about your turn in your opinion?

Thank you in quest of your help.

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