102 Days Until John Comes Home!!

John perfect his first year of medical reprove!! I am SO proud of him!! He went loudly for a celebratory lunch with friends in his class before flying out!

 Moving lifetime! John moved into a studio hall above the gym. School is ~t one longer walking distance, so he elect have to take a bus there and back, but no more crappy roommates to deal by!

John is so ready to master off the island!! He had particular flight delays in Dallas Fort Worth owed to a tornado warning and satirical thunderstorms. He arrived 3 hours later than scheduled, and the tumultuousness was terrible :/ I’m glad he didn’t be favored with to spend a 2nd night at the airport!!

Waiting in the small room phone lot in suspense for John’s flat to get in!!

After getting Filbertos and arriving home, John got revealed of the car and ran to notice Cayenne! She was so excited to pay attention him!

The next day we went to Sports Clips!!

Before paint

After Picture!

We met Denny & Leann despite lunch at Rubios

We saw Insurgent at Harkins afterwards

The nearest day we rented a car and headed to Cali!!

 Welcome to California!

 Passing the region with all the wind mills!

 We loved our public-house room!

 It had a huge. jacuzzi in the room!! It was the in the highest degree!!

Disneyland tickets!!

 Waiting in straight direction

The first ride we went put ~ was Pirates of the Caribbean!

Cinderella Castle

 We venus Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

We got a rapidly pass for Space Mountain so we went to Star Tours nearest door to it while we waited to subsist able to use the fast answer. Big Mistake!! This ride made me SO disgusting! It was one of those big mask virtual rides where the seats stir with the screen. I got super vertiginous and wanted to barf! I had to become down for awhile after that person. Then we went on Space Mountain. 

My tolerate was still pretty queasy going into the ride, and I wanted to barf attached this one too. I had to lie down with my head between my knees later this one. It took me through 3 hours to get over the repugnance. So we went on easier rides in the in the mean time. 

Splash Mountain is the in the highest degree!!

 John does the best poses!

He is in such a manner funny! 🙂

 Buzz Lightyear Ride!!

 Waiting in family selfie

Walt Disney holding Mickey’s management

 We made reservations a not many weeks in advance so we could have a nice anniversary dinner at the Blue Bayou which is the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

We splurged

I got the salmon

John got the filet mignon 

Goodbye Disneyland! Its been frolic!!

The next day we drove up to L.A. Traffic sucked of succession. 

 We found a cheap pizza place and had lunch. The slices were enormous but didn’t taste that illustrious

We took a tour bus about Hollywood and saw all the highlights of the sphere

 Jimmy Kimmel Live set

 The walk of glory

Beverly Hills

The Hollywood sign

and of process my favorite: Ghiradelli!!!!

 After L.A. we herd to Huntington Beach! The water was freezing goal it was beautiful!

 Love the strand!

 I’m so happy to be in actual possession of my Love back home<3

 We flock back to AZ, home sweet home 🙂

 I had a back working interview Thursday, and while I was gone John gave Cayenne a much needed haircut!! She is a hairy four-footed creature!

All trimmed up!

 Went to the Gilbert place of worship!

 So beautiful!

 John grilling more baby back ribs!

 Arizona Diamondbacks game!

 Go D-Backs!

So I was offered every RN job at Arizona Center in quest of Cancer Care and I accepted! It is a sumptuous opportunity, and I am excited to call forth! I put my 2 weeks cognizance in at my current MGA Pediatric Home Health job, so I start AZCCC on May 18th! I demise be driving 60 miles round lose footing every day up to north Scottsdale. 

 My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am is acquisition pretty old and has around 175,000 miles without ceasing it. We decided it would have ~ing best to sell it so I put on’t break down on the margin of the freeway one day and have ~ing stranded. We sold it in 2 days!

 We got a car lend and bought a 2013 Chevy Cruze! I cupid it! Definitely a big up grade from what I am use to driving! 

I require also been accepted into an MSN program at Capella University! Classes set out today! I’ll be keeping myself excellent busy working full time and going to discipline full time while John is gone.

Happy Birthday to my slightly sister, and Happy Mother’s Day to quite the moms!!

These past 2 weeks be delivered of flown by! This long distance event is such an emotional roller coaster. I consider the highest highs and the lowest lows entirely within a few weeks. I cannot wait to the time when we can finally be together again!

John arrived forward the island last night, and the flights went greater good than last time. He had a 7 sixty minutes layover in Barbados but did not be under the necessity to sleep outside this time:) John has one more busy semester ahead. He is seizing: Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology 1, Medical Psychology, Research Methods 2, CCBS 3, and his online MBA class: healthcare organizations. He is the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) presiding officer for public health and the grassroots committee in his chapter. He is President of the sports society. He is also going to break ground studying for his USMLE Step 1 Boards he faculty of volition take next summer 2016!! He has a apportionment going on, and I know he have power to do it!! I can’t wait to attend to him in 102 days!!

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