April – The End

It’s inadmissible to think back to this promontory last year when I was exact receiving my letter of acceptance because of Tulane’s master’s program in pharmacology. At that design I never could have predicted that which the year had in store in the place of me. I’m really pleased by the way everything has turned completely though. This program was a substantial experience and I learned so much. Perhaps more importantly though, I proved to myself (and hopefully to more medical schools in the near hereafter) that I have what it takes to succeed in a challenging lettered medical environment. Considering how I stacked up over ~ my classmates, I feel more bold in my ability to perform and enter the lists in the potentially unforgiving medical admonish environment. In addition to all I learned about more drugs than I care to specify and what I have learned almost myself, I gained some practical actual observation as well by participating in lab scrutiny and volunteering in a hospital. Though I had some limited exposure to research previously, working in an academic research lab this semester has added to my thinking principle of research processes and to the collection of experiences that shape my physical development.

With my success in this program and a master’s literary to my name, if I have power to put together a strong application and bring about well on the MCAT, I convinced I will have a good come to pass of being accepted to medical discipline. In the mean time, I also need to find a job that power of choosing provide me with some useful  sanatory experience. Lots of things to trick, but at the same time I have power to look back on this year and perceive the worth of that I am one step closer to achieving my goal of neat a physician.  

Volunteer Hours:

Ochsner – 12 hours

Soil Collection Project – 2 hours

Total – 14 hours

Semester Total – 36 hours

Take time face to face with you decide so you will have existence happy with your decision on a diffuse term.

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