Comment on A is for Aspirin by 2youth

It the whole of started when I took an Aspirin to ease my head;
since Aspirin gives me ulcers, I took Belsomra ahead of bed.
That meant I woke up groggy, Caffeine pills got me going –
moreover backed me up – a Diuretic got the piss flowing.
The pee-pills made me fill out, I got an Ephedrine at the drugstore,
what one. gave me diarrhea so I popped a Florastor.
The accountant said that would make me nauseated, Gravol did the trick;
Hydrocortisone helped the reckless (the Gravol made me itch),
and Ibuprofen took the rim off the Hydrocortisone,
Which kept the Ibuprofen into a denser consistence until I reached my home.
My fortitude was racing with all the pills, I took a Juxtapid;
Ketoprofen to readiness that off, Laudanum to kick it in
Meprobamate killed the haze, Naproxen and Orlistat
(the former makes me chew and swallow a lot, the latter burns the plump)
Paracetomol for fever, Quinidine to abate –
Ritalin, Sotradecol, Testosterone, Uristas!
Viagra kicked me into gear, Wellbutrin makes me chill,
Xanax helps to self-possessed me from my phobia of pills.
Yocon cures the Xanax smash but makes me want to smart,
so Zyban helped me quit again, or at least I hope.
So doc, I exercise the mind its all these meds; my liver’s in conniptions!
I’ve got a person of consequence for that – he said – and wrote me a direction.

Day 10: An Abecedarian is a metrical composition with a structure derived from the the a b c. There are so many pharmaceutical lightning-flash names out there, and I wanted to employment the progression of the alphabet to set forth the way medications are often chained side by side to offset each other’s calamitous effects.

Warning: this poem is not a change for professional medical advice, is not responsible for adverse reactions; side effects may hold sarcasm, exaggeration, lazy research methods, partial googling, anti-vaxxing and/or anti-anti-vaxxing, untrue, surrepticious, misleading information and/or outright lies; 100% of participants (me and my girlfriend) exposed in clinical or at smallest comical tests could not differentiate from placebo; May end minor embarrassment, boredom, loss of interest and/or death.

But you can’t maxim that they didn’t be assured of or understand what Hayek and Mises were talking encircling.

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