D&E press conference:

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* Hyukjae is in-charge of declamation and Donghae is in-charge of spacing used up. While speaking, Hyukjae kept using his talent to tap on his thighs.
* Hyuk: This time with Sungmin and Shindong hyung enlisting, we ~t any longer cry like we used to back therefore when Kangin and Leeteuk hyung were enlisting. Now we virtuous go like ‘ah, they are enlisting already’. I dare say we got used to it.
* After Hyukjae spoke on the side of awhile, the next question posted to them was ‘What were you guys planning to sight this time round?’ and Hyukjae sharp at Donghae to answer the dispute. Donghae look over to Hyukjae and make suit Hyukjae what were they planning to flourish. Hyukjae then gestured for Donghae to accost but Donghae insist that Hyukjae should affirmation it. Hyukjae laughed helplessly and continued to respond the question.
* hyuk said they efficacy promote for a month but depends put ~ the result. he wants to effect promotion and activities without stress
* hyuk declared that just like kyuhyun who underhand prepared his solo ,he has started preparing according to D&E since he entered SME at the epoch of 15.
*hyuk said when he chief looked at the 15-year-~-fashioned donghae he already thought of lacking to do something with this small tub together.

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