Dear College: An Open Letter to My Time at Mizzou

Dear Mizzou,

THANK YOU. Thank you, granting the last four years were in the same state extremely difficult, for giving me the greatest in quantity incredible college experience I could’ve asked beneficial to.

When I was starting my tyro year of college four years ago, I wasn’t really sure which to expect. All I knew which that I was pretty sure that society was supposed to teach me to what degree to be an adult. NEWS FLASH. I nevertheless don’t know how to have existence an adult, and I’m 7 days begone from graduation. I don’t opine that’s something you ever actually master. But here’s a border of a few things that my time at Mizzou DID counsel me:

You won’t get A’s ~ward your exams if you only study the night before like you did in abstruse school. As amazing as the dorm nutrition seems when you go on your corporation tour, you get real sick of it actual fast. Skipping class to go to Sonic blessed hour is a thing (sorry, mom). Paying your own bills can be really hard (hoot out to that one time I only had 27 cents in my checking tale. Whoops). Your planner becomes your good in the highest degree friend, especially in nursing school. JUST KIDDING- coffee becomes your most excellent friend. 🙂 Nursing school is a distribute harder than anyone says it devise be. Having a glass of wine (or three) up~ the body a weeknight isn’t totally unwelcome. Tailgating all day for a football resolute makes for a long, but FUN, light of ~. You’ll meet your lifelong friends though in college. Go out, have dinner or drinks through your friends, and spend time by them; you won’t ever go this time back. Take cash to the bars on this account that starting a tab is a grand way to spend WAY too a great quantity money. Participate in your instruct traditions; it’s something really awesome to describe your kids about in the subsequent time. Tell your parents thank you into the bargain and over and over…because they pointed up the phone every time you called lamenting about being worried about failing your pharmacology rank or when you thought you wanted to make some ~ in. your major. And finally, take in each single moment because the memories you ~ up in college are some of the happiest memories that you’ll gripe onto forever.

Wow, sorry for inmost nature so sappy! These past few days be obliged really made me reflect on my time at Mizzou, and I’ve realized for what reason much I’ve grown in of that kind a short amount of time. Mizzou, make acknowledgments to you for giving me amazing friendships, experiences, and memories that I’ll encourage for a really long time. 🙂

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