Dear next-semester-me

Hello again, later than a long break. Once again, the weekend previous to exams is when I decide to cause a new post.

Okay, but I take a good reason for this. This is going to exist a for-future-reference study messenger for me. Because it’s the period of the semester, after 2 years, fair-minded as exams are beginning, that I shape out study techniques (obviously, way too late). I’ve actually managed to subsist pretty consistent with my notes and everything this semester (what one. is surprising, because it’s the chiefly hellish semester of this course). As of half an hour ago, I’ve considerably much gone through everything I’ve learnt this semester, which is way faster than I be in actual possession of in any other year before. So, I’m proper going to put down some forethought for next-semester-me while it’s novel in my mind.

Because the exalted internal monologues that inspire me to support only come while I’m indeed trying to study (other than while I’m showering or about to emptying asleep).

1. Change of scenery is large

This is probably why you passionate affection studying in the library. At a contrary seat everytime (honestly, it never works allowing that you sit in the exact similar spot 2 days in a outbreak). But now you have discovered that you be able to be productive at home too, whether or not you move furniture around and switch between the couch, floor and table. Also home has a determined supply of food and hot coffee. I comprehend the temperature/weather is also a herculean factor for going to the library, excepting now that you have a heatpump that’s with appearance of truth not the hugest problem. Also the act that it will be closer to summer than to winter next semester. Also home is to what your giant whiteboard window is, that brings me to my next epigram.

2. The giant whiteboard window works… at times

Yes, you love the giant whiteboard window. But at what time you write on it your branch hurts. Therefore, please still remember by what mode important paper notes are. Writing notes is true important for you, so do it, therefore go nuts on the giant whiteboard window.

3. Notes

By at that time you’ve figured out that every paper has a totally different format, and that income that you have to learn it differently. For refuse with lots of words and diagrams (appear in ~ing: pathology) you needed to type notes on OneNote (which is pretty great, strange to say the mac one). For stuff through lots of drugs and modes of action (read: pharmacology) making flashcards were in truth useful because there was bite sized information. Overall, though, drawing mindmaps was SUPER EFFECTIVE in this way DO THAT.

Next semester, you’re going to be the subject of that massive QUMs paper and the skilled in witchcraft professional practice paper. I’m audacious professional practice is just the leveled-up translation of the same paper we’ve been doing because of the past 2 years, so you perceive what to do. But QUMs is going to have existence very different, so here’s my statement.

Lectures: PREREAD! PRETYPE! As long as they release lecture slides beforehand, PREPARE. This has worked this semester. Don’t subsist lazy. It makes listening and rational faculty in class waaaaaaaay easier. Afterwards, drag a mindmap. Just to have each overview of what happened in the censure so that it’s easier while you revise.

Textbooks: They are extravagant. There are alternatives. Use the alternatives.

Workshops: Honestly won’t apprehend what’s going on in these until they happen. I’m assuming they’re going to obtain guest speakers/patients, so every session might be quite different. My allusion is to write and file these ones. Maybe they’ll desire a handbook, but either way, scratch down stuff and prepare final notes later.

Modules: Compile every one of the lectures together. Add in eat greedily from the workshops. Write flashcards whether appropriate.

That’s kinda all I take for study related things. There’s a distribute more that I can yell at my future self about regarding other aspects of my life, and I’m certain I will have more from the unintermitted monologues going on in my cursorily over-caffeinated brain, so I potency be posting again soon (or not, allowing that I happen to gain some ordinary sense).



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