First Two Exams Done!

Helloooo everyone, glad gladdened Friday! As you may have noticed blogging took a greater back seat this week due to my sum of ~ units exams, but I’m back at this moment!


This week I had my first two real exams of third semester, and I be seized of to admit that I felt a accident more stress and pressure than every-day when it comes to the at the outset round of exams. For me the principal exam in any class is many times the most difficult, just because it can be hard to know what the professor’s expectations are. While each semester I tell myself I lack to start out on a healthy note, I definitely fell short of that goal in more than semesters and I really wanted to modify that pattern this time around.

This semester I have power to honestly say I’ve been in operation hard from day one, and uniform though this past week has been especially stressful I felt my rigorously work pay off on my exams in this way far. Score! I’ve already believed grades on both the Pharmacology ridicule I had last week and my Pathology exam from Tuesday, and I’m pleased by both of them. Fingers crossed Bacteriology went honest as well!

Now I’m excited to be seized of a week coming up with no exams scheduled – woo! I wouldn’t mark out any week in the life of a veterinary student as relaxing, but I’m quiet planning to take some time this weekend and next week to chill out, cook more good food, and get back into my yoga application (which was a bit neglected superior the past few days).

Finding operate-life balance is always a struggle because of me, but I’m getting more completely at it day by day!

Your due chance:

How was your week? Balanced or chaotic?
Leave me a comment below :)


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