Five for Friday ~ May 15, 2015

What a merriment week!  I am linking up for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.


1.  This beyond Saturday I went to a graduation participant for a student from my surpassingly first class.  He is since a doctor of pharmacology and is at intervals my pharmacist.  How cool is that!  It was persons of rank getting together with so many teachers I started my race with 18 years ago!

2.  This was the week of domain trips!  Tuesday I went to Poplar Forest during the term of my 12th time.  I absolutely want to work there when I retrocede!

3.  Tuesday night I went to the Teacher of the Year dinner in favor of the county.  I got this determination and an awesome dinner!

4.  Finally got the yearbooks passed ~right.  The kids are loving them!  Book Talk Thursday was quite about it!

5.  Today I went to the Smith Mountain Lake Dam with 4th grade.   We have been profession it the “Dam Field Trip” quite week!  Here are my “Dam Pictures“.

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