Gastroenterology (GI) Pharmacology Tutorial: Ulcers, Sucralfate & Bismuth

Gastroenterology (GI) Pharmacology Tutorial: Ulcers, Sucralfate & Bismuth

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Sucralfate and Bismuth

Treatment of ulcers

These couple drugs are  frequently mentioned arm in arm but treat different GI disorders. Sucralfate helps discourse ulcers while Bismuth helps treat suffer upset like diarrhea. Sucralfate is not a before anything else line medication used to treat ulcers for the reason that PPI’s are (see previous put in the ~-office). However, it is important to learn almost these drugs to prepare for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

A laconic explanation about peptic ulcers:

What is each ulcer?

The stomach is lined through a protective membrane called the gastric mucosa or mucous membrane. This membrane prevents the sour inside the stomach from damaging the categorical stomach itself. It contains many sundry cells and glands. If you interpret my previous post about G cells, ECT cells and every one of those peptide producing cells in the desire, these are all located within the mucosa. Therefore, this membrane plays a vita role in the diurnal functions of the stomach. The epithelial cells in this membrane secern bicarbonate to neutralize the acid ~ of. When there is damage or a dismiss aka hole in this membrane, this is called an sore . An ulcer not only allows sharp to damage the stomach lining that was once protected by the membrane, but furthermore damages cells that secrete bicarbonate. This prevents the neutralization of sharp and further worsens or damages the stomach. The increased acid creates more harm to the gastric mucosa.

Mechanism of play: Sucralfate & Bismuth

1. Sucralfate:

Sucralfate contains sucrose (sugar). Therefore, it is a true sticky medication. This is good as when ingested, it sticks to the of the stomach mucosa creating a new barrier betwixt the stomach lining and the sharp. It also stimulates bicarbonate secretion. Therefore, the purpose of this physic is to 1. create a affording protection barrier to allow healing of the pustule & protection of the bare gastric lining, and 2. increase bicarbonate secretion to counterpoise the acid.

2. Pepto-Bismul aka Bismuth!! Our righteous ol’ over the counter friend Pepto-Basmul is truly Bismuth!

This drug is usually mentioned by the side of Sucralfate. However, Bismuth is not used to negotiate ulcers. It is used to feast diarrhea, gas and any stomach upset! This testament be easy to remember since Pepto-Bismul is in the same state a famous over the counter medication used worldwide.

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