Happy Nurse’s Week!

Cover of the sweetest card from my biggest use a ~ upon.
Thanks, Mom! The Starbucks gift card
and bookmark desire not go to waste.

Happy Nurse’s Week! THANK YOU with respect to being you and doing what you perform, each and every day. Be safe to treat yo’self! You to a greater degree than deserve it!

I am paltry it has been so long inasmuch as I last posted…school is bananas. This week is the greatest week of classes and the week on the model of that I have finals. There is well leavened at the end of the funnel!

I have so much to surprise you all up on. I regard come across so many wonderful money! I attended the TNP (Texas Nurse Practitioner)  Primary Care & Pharmacology Update Conference and soooo much has happened this legislative session. But which I am really looking forward to hand~ about are my summer plans. Spoiler alert: it involves between nations travel!

See you in two weeks!

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