health sciences or natural sciences or open degree? please help

Hi guys

I’m just discovered to TSR so a big hello.

Looking because some info, thoughts and opinions from humbler classes studying either the health sciences or consistent with nature sciences degree at the open university or someone who has been in a homogeneous situation. I’ve been looking at the menstrual discharge on offer and can’t decide that is best for me. Or an open degree? But what issues ability that cause for further study or trade? *confused*

I wanna do biology/pharmacology kindred career but im unsure which deportment is suitable as the health sciences has some social science and psychology modules in it (in addition doesnt really qualify you to bestow anything specifically) which is cool on the contrary not what I’m interested in OR the of nature sciences biology pathway but the grade name might be offputting for possible postgraduate study. I’m not confident if either of these courses are to the purpose for a career in a biological or pharmacological form of productive effort or will allow me entry to a in posse MSc pharmacology / human biology masters/phd.

I cannot await a full time brick uni in the same manner this is my only option.

Anyone possess any experiences they can share or thoughts?


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