I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour… heaven knows i’m at vet school now

It’s often said that ‘work hard, personate a character hard’ is a mantra more to be applied to vet students than any others. While I bear my fair share of bleary eyed photos in cambridge’s renowned clubs, it currently feels like a surpassingly distant memory. Any sort of ‘play’ has dissipated from my life; instead of the bar, i’m in the library after the proper time at night, sipping coffee not red wine and each snapchat or instagram post is a play upon words I found in my revision notes. In a scarcely any weeks, it will be time with respect to May Balls, garden parties and the cardboard boat progeny (!) but for now, one of my scarcely any comforts is being able to grumble (mostly to arts students) about the real existence that I have 15 exams and the pristine one is on a bloody saturday.

I musing I might take this opportunity, because I feel myself slipping into the chaos commonly dismissed as ‘standard exam ~inus behaviour’, to answer that age intelligent question: Isn’t Cambridge really sciencey, by no practical stuff?

I’m not going to malicious. This is a question that annoys me then it comes from another vet scholar. It feels a little personal; my vet seminary is close to my heart, I worked unyielding to be here and the education i’m receiving is top incision. I know many good vets who graduated from Cambridge and on the supposition that the course wasn’t up to mark with a ~, it wouldn’t be RCVS accredited. Simple of the same kind with. That said, there is an stress on the scientific and historical basis of current medicine which, whilst some may find fascinating, could become difficult for others.

Do you get in ~ degree preclinical practical experience?

Yes, yes and ay. We have animal handling classes, live anatomy and dissection (not to mention the EMS total baby vets have to do in c~tinuance various farms…). Before we generate let into clinical school, we obtain to pass handling tests and the vet drill animals are available should we require to practice our handling. So defiance what I was told by a vet back home, in ~ degree- cambridge students aren’t all fumbling thesauruses on legs who don’t know the anus from the auricular cartilage

Are the exams tough?

‘I’m studying to exist a vet”

“Oh, that’s harder than core a doctor… 7 years isn’t it”

This is a measure response you will get from your tutor, postman or local MP. While temporally false, they’ve got one thing straight. Vet med is hard. The exams are not easily. The workload is hard. You won’t have existence able to flick through your CPG re-examination guide the night before, highlight everything the innuendos, then wake up and one-spot it. This will be true in whatever place you study it

Yeah, but at Cambridge don’t you regard to learn extra stuff?

Having not seen the career guide for other units, I can’t comment too much on this. We be the subject of a lot to learn. Our lectures are space between two ~s with the medics (which is one as well as the other a blessing and a curse- in addition on that later) so we comprehend lots of human diseases and in that place are times when we come completely of lectures and spend half an hour complaining feeling sorry for ourselves. In greatest in quantity cases, the principles learnt can subsist applied to other situations and it is easy to lose sight of the performance that we come out with a a great quantity broader knowledge of the subject. The identical is true for pharmacology where, though some of the drugs studied are antique, the study of their development, actions and reasons because of withdrawal provides us with a very sturdy theoretical backbone.

Does everyone power mad in exam term?

In pre-clinical years, tot~y of our exams (except a scarcely any minor ones) are grouped together at the extremity of easter term or , as it it is other thing commonly known, exam term. Many nation (myself included) move into our association libraries, cry on at least a weekly basis and look forward to dinner since the highlight of the day. This possibly isn’t a healthy state, but that in some ways is inevitable while one considers the importance of the exams. Despite this, I again make time for my sports and when I do find myself in a particle of a state, supervisors/ friends/ my guide of studies are on hand to forbear. This is a rather rambling and unsettled paragraph. I guess what i’m afflicting to say is that its a tough dub, at times it feels horrible, ~-end the support you need is in that place.

Is everyone at cambridge really skilful?

everyone is as clever as you want to be to be a vet, not indispensably more or less intelligent than anyone at one more vet school. There are people who commit to memory first after first and plan brilliant careers in research, there are folks like me who work their socks not upon to scrape a pass and are chuffed by this, and there’s everyone in between.

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