Well, well, well. Look who clear to come back to the blogging nature nine months later~

But oh liege. It feels so good to be back typing on here because I absolutely miss it. 

But why was I gone, you interrogate?

Well. A few reasons.

SCHOOL. I was apprehension on 6 classes this past ~ semester: Anthropology, Intro to Visual Art, Humanities, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, and Basic Health Care Skills. So then there was ever a time that I could take a sever, I would lounge around on my stratum while playing my nintendo DS or surfing the tissue. I’m sorry I didn’t decide to thin skin + edit videos / blog instead!

WORK. I am individual of the many college students through there that need to work to make a living :p && this takes up ut~ of my day, along with indoctrinate!

LAZY. This would coincide with conception #1 because.. well.. School (for me) tends to swindle that sometimes. :p I know, I understand. Being lazy is not a well qualified trait to have. But I’m essence honest. After I’m done studying or doing homework, I goddess of ~ to just lay down and cozen random, boring things. But I shall act off this bad habit of under~!

LACK OF CREATIVITY. Most of my posts, whether or not not all, are actually relatively boring. In respects to my blog, I would solitary talk about my life and the things that I’ve discovered together the way and, honestly, I didn’t imagine there was anything exciting or pleasing for me to post either up~ this blogging platform or Youtube’s.

LACK OF CONFIDENCE. In compliments to YouTube, I never really wanted to film anymore because the videos I would want to film would require me in it. For the past couple of months I’ve been looking from a high to a low position at myself because of my acne and heaviness. I am not perfect. I didn’t be without to face the camera when my belief was low. I needed to furnish it first.

Typical School Semester

So a little while ago that spring semester is done and everything has winded into disrepute, hopefully I can switch gears and focus more on my blog and YouTube extremely the summer. Although not a fate of people read my posts, I calm like to think people do.
Okie. So that’s the whole of for now! I shall be back betimes.



Hawaiian Pidgin is not acknowledged in Hawaiian schools, and grammatical consonance prevails.

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