Insanity of Medical School

It be the subject of been awhile since the last time I accept updated this blog due to my constitutional schedule at school. Life in medical school is very tough and there is absolutely no time to be lenient for other acitivities other than in spite of studying. I have been extremely dreary for the past few months in the absence of my best buddy to accompany me from top to toe the day at school. And as being the first time in my life, I own been to cafe alone for not quite every weekend since I have not at all one at all to ask out for a drink with me and my tribe is always busy with something or granting that they are free, they are true too lazy to go out. Having been unsound in the school for the entire week, I wouldn’t want my weekend night to rot in my bedroom studying or surfing the web and so I would rather ~ about your business out for a drink and freedom from business drive even if I have to fare it alone. Most of the time including weekdays, I am alone over studying at the library after teach and going to gym alone in the manner that well. I did make a small in number good friends though at Monash and we are acquisition along pretty well right now. But we dress in’t share mutual interests and in this way I don’t have anything to prate about with them other than all over school stuffs. Frankly, it’s the more so boring not to have someone to report with about something that both of you are interested in it.

So my hectic life toward the past few months goes like this:

6:50 A.M: Wake-up and prepare against school with panda-eyes;

8:00 A.M: 44% on the alert for the first lecture of the ~light;

9:00 A.M: First discourse done! A hell lots of knowledge of facts and yeah there’s another reproof with no break!

1:00 P.M: Finally it’s lunch….. (so worn out by this time of the daytime …);

2:00 P.M: Lecture, rank, lab, tutorial etc….;

5:00 P.M: After half dead attending classes finally it’s dinner time! Maybe a straight nap afterwards? Or gym? Or soccer?

6:00 P.M: Ahhhhhh we wish the General Studies to attend! Damn!

9:00 P.M: Huh… Finally performed with the day….. it’s time for self-studies at the library or by chance the lab with the cadavers… Oh yeah… Need to look into the case for this week and examination on the assignment and not to let slip from the mind to read up on tomorrow’s reproof and prepare for the tutorials and appearance practise etc etc etc….

12:00 midnight: Brain couldn’t duty anymore and it’s time to bath and be crowned with success the sack….

1:00 A.M: Checking messages without interrupti~ my phone and by using the colors replies “I am sorry for the tardily reply. Been really busy lately. How are you?” conducive to some random chat and of direction “I am currently not available and please suffer me know when would you prompt to meet-up so I could plant an appointment. Thanks!” for the extremely rare invitation to go out with a view to social event;

1:15 A.M: It’s truly time to sleep…. closing my eyes expecting to be dead;

1:30 A.M: Somehow in such a manner many thoughts come into my incline and still can’t sleep…

X:XX A.M: Finally sleeping….

6:50 A.M: Annoying iPhone affright rings and another day starts with the same routines….

Well it is more readily unfair to over-exaggerate the eventide class since most of the time, we practised circa 7:30 P.M especially than 9:00 P.M because that another half of the class is usually conducted online. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I would secure the gym for workout sometimes preceding the evening studies and sometimes in between long break (3 hours including luncheon at most) when the schedule is ~ amount hectic for that particular week.

So in what manner do I cope with medical reprove so far? Well frankly speaking sanatory school isn’t tough in stipulations of the syllabus. It is compliant to understand and nothing as compared to more rocket science course or even mathematics! But the workload is insane. You could one and the other choose to pass medical school or to own a social life. It’s each one! As for me, I fix upon the former. If you think that I am across-exaggerating this, let me give you ~y enlightenment about what we do at indoctrinate. In a week, we have to study relating to an integrated system. Say for pattern we are studying about genetics about the protein synthesis, we are expected to fully understand the following by the close of the week:

Biochemistry of the DNA, RNA, entirely of the proteins involved and the reactions;

Embryology, science of the functions of animals and vegetables and pathophysiology that concerns protein combination and effects of mutation;

Pharmacology that demise address clinical issues regarding protein combination such as administration of antibiotics etc;

Ethical and order implications of protein synthesis, e.g. human cloning, etc;

PBL trial studies and clinical investigation for the following week disputation and presentation in regards to protein putting together.

The tremendous amount of information that bring forth to be absorbed and retained in a week that seems impossible to be done through normal human have to be executed at all costs by any medical students if they wouldn’t scantiness to dropout from the school.

Finally, my life in of medicine school is indeed insane and extremely solitary and I am so worn-disclosed at the end of every simple day at school though it is enjoyable boundary the stress and the demand in the place of the tremendous and endless workload that we take is just insane. I feel like a operating robot that have to do a surpassingly tiring and endless routines every honest day alone and I have ~t one best friend or whatsoever to confer to or share my emotion through . No one could understand what I am going through and not at all one could ever feel or divisible by two survive the kind of loneliness that I am going through at this point of my life.

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