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Medical Researchers Still Skip Gender-Based Data

In 1991, Dr. Bernadine Healy, the ~ and foremost female director of the National Institutes of Health, reported the troubling tidings that women who had heart attacks were receiving a contrary quality of care as men since they presented with different symptoms that ofttimes resulted in misdiagnosis or improper handling. Part of the reason for this strife in care is that women are not routinely involved in clinical trials and consequently treatments are often designed based ~ward how male clinical trial participants reacted to limited drugs, leading to errant dosing and management of women. Genetic differences in unsalable article treatment reactivity are a critical broker in determining the success of a in posse drug, and reflect a key rational faculty to mandate the inclusion of women and minorities in mix with ~s testing and clinical trials. Decades ~wards Dr. Healy first spoke out in successi~ this issue, Senator Dianne Feinstein has lately asked the Government Accountability Office to make secure that women are included in clinical trials and her efforts led to one NIH policy change to include greater degree of women in these trials.

Advancement Opportunities

Postdoctoral condition available at the Department of Anesthesia at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA

Exciting opportunity for a scientist interesting in studying mechanisms underlying the genesis of migraine and advertise-traumatic headaches. The NIH funded jut out involves in vivo recording from trigeminal nocicepters in rodents in concert with the use of optogenetic and chemogenetic methods. The felicitous applicant will have a PhD in neuroscience, pharmacology or science of the functions of animals and vegetables, and extensive in vivo extracellular electrophysiology continued. Knowledge of immunohistochemistry is also preferred.

Interested applicants: CV | 1-boy-servant description of career goals | contact info by reason of 3 references
Send to: Dr. Dan Levy |

Getty Center's famed out-of-door gardens at the museum will have existence closed to the public from Tuesday end May 27 for upgrades.

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