IUD Contraceptive Program

For across five years, Colorado had great good fortune in reducing the pregnancy, birth chide and abortion rate of teenage girls.  The quality had a program that made it complying for young women to get IUDs, irrespective of their insurance, or their ability to pay. 

The preface of the program was that young women should subsist able to decide whether or not they wanted to have existence pregnant.   And, they should receive access to the IUD contraceptive process.

Dr. Stephanie Teal, of the University of Colorado’s Denver School of Medicine, points at a loss: “Try to take a pill at the same time, each day.  Forget about it.  And that’s for what cause we see the failure rate of pills, plot and ring are actually twice viewed like high for women under 21 being of the kind which women over 21.  It’s not that the pharmacology is various.  And somehow the medicine doesn’t work in young people.  It’s that it’s composite to use.”

Colorado was accomplished to drop their teen birth assessment by 40 percent.  And, dropped their teen vain effort rate by 35 percent, over due five years.  It was a excessively successful program that kept young women in Colorado from acquisition pregnant when they did not scantiness to.

The National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association gave Colorado one award for having the premier public health program in the country forward that issue.  Nevertheless, the day after Colorado got that award, Republicans in the dignity Senate voted to cancel the program

In the 2014 elections, Republican politicians did self-same well across our country.  In Colorado, Democrat Mark Udall wasted his US Senate seat to Republican Cory Gardner.  The Colorado State Senate had been controlled ~ the agency of Democrats, but turned Republican. 

The general award-winning IUD birth control program in terms of public health, became a head priority for Republican to eliminate.

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