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Posted forward April 15, 2015 by Claris

Actually, I changed my attend to several times as to what course I want. I started out considering being a doctor. Then I changed my inclination to settling for being a researcher. Then I resolute I wanted to be a preacher instead. And now… my chiefly recent thought is that I would like to moil in a pharmaceutical company. Not viewed like a researcher, just… anything yet a researcher. And so, for my last year modules, I chose mostly pharmacology modules — including any about drug safety, which is salutary for people who wish to moil in the pharmaceutical industry.

My most recent choice has surprised me considerably. When I before anything else started my course, I was crystallized carbon about not working in the pharmaceutical body. The reputation that pharmaceutical companies accept is terrible. Basically the bigger they are, the in greater numbers of a tendency they have to perform around with human lives. Furthermore, hardly any weeks ago I went for a colloquy in which they talked about by what means huge pharmaceutical companies unnecessarily jack up the prices to such a degree high that developing countries have difficulties purchasing drugs. As the CEO of Bayer one time mentioned with regards to a fresh anti-cancer drug:

“We did not unfold this medicine for Indians… We developed it despite Western patients who can afford it.”

Man, the kind of a quote.

On an individual, third party’s perspective it is compliant to be horrified. And it was toward this reason that I was taken backward at the audacity of these immense pharmaceutical companies and did not lack to work for a company that makes so statements. All those researchers who moil for companies like Bayer: how render they do their jobs, knowing that the drugs they give is just a way to compose more money, as opposed to in reality saving lives? Doesn’t every pupil in the Biomedical Science field stimulus off with a passion to have ~ing in Biomedical because they are biassed in improving people’s health?

But in some way it feels right to work towards a work at ~s in the pharmaceutical company. Is it a sign from God? Hmm. But both ways, I think I should walk very carefully, lest I lose my benignity and start treating humans as bare disposable objects.

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