Journeying through Nursing School

I’m thus tired, but this is one of the endure few of my posts EVER adhering this blog and today was the continue day of nursing school, so I feel it’s a bit momentous.

I’ll exist honest, I didn’t love nursing in the sight of I started nursing school. Then whyever did you lay upon, Amirah, if you were so sure that your passions lay in film, teaching, english and journalism? Because, I was undecided, and nursing was secure. I contemplation it was dumb and that anyone with a minimum education could do it inasmuch as nurses have had a terrible trope in the media. But, my friends, this is a lie, because it is one of the toughest undergrad majors in that place is. I believe this is inasmuch as it’s sort of like condensed undergrad of the healing art school. We do hours of rotations, therefore a preceptorship (96 hours in person month! Go me!) at the highly end all while taking pharmacology or pathophysiology classes in joining to 8credit nursing lecture classes. It is unachievable a) not to become a cult group with your nursing friends b) not to have a passionate affection for your nursing friends to DEATH because nursing friendships are truly a not the same kind of friendship. When you gibe butts together, live under constant panic of failure and study seemingly incapable of occurring material together, you’re bonded in quest of life. My peers were so supportive, in such a manner caring, genuine, smart and funny that from the highest day I couldn’t help on the contrary love the career I convinced myself I would owe a grudge to. I am clumsy, a bit of a daydreamer, and owe a grudge to(d) needles. But I found gone ~ that I loved the human visible form (proud college moment: getting a 100 on an A&P lab criterion); that I could draw blood adhering others without shriveling up (while I abominate needles, I’m ok with putting them in others); that needles are beneficial for medication-drawing; that there’s nothing more I love than working by my geriatric patients; that I default to be just like the inspiring ableness I’ve met here; that I sweetheart alcohol swabs; that running around is the kind of I’m best at; that I examine decent in scrubs; that I’m lofty of the way nursing is a lifestyle and not conscientious a profession; that the opportunities and fields in nursing are boundless. I came into the program feeling like I’d relinquished my sweetheart for English and writing and set up that there was a nursing newsletter I could join. I speculation nursing closed doors to me – as I couldn’t double major, subordinate, or take too many outside classes – on the contrary I was so wrong. It is SO cliche. But I’ve in no degree been so happy to be blame and to have grown to fondness something the way I did with nursing. Hunter-Bellevue changed my life. I cared again about my health – because you can’t be a nurse without make healthy lifestyle adjustments – and got mini abs from running these beyond 5 months! I love nurses and the set of people that become nurses. They are thus kind, and dedicated.

Am I silent crazy frightened about a) passing the NCLEX and b) honing my skills during the time that a nurse? YES. Because it is a TOUGH JOB. Being up~ the body your feet for 12 hours a contrive? Having lives in your hands? I wanted to tend straight to grad school because I delight being a student, but I’ve lastly accepted that becoming comfortable with my skills because a nurse is a lot else important right now. I’m excited and terrified to join the opportunity and care for people. I’m uneasy about the school to work shifting. I’m sad to leave my friends; I’m emotional almost being on the “cusp of adulthood” limit mostly, I’m glad I’ve made it this distant.


PS. May is great, and in such a manner busy, much events!

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