MD 3

Last week I started my third part semester of medical school. I’ve heard abhorrence stories of how difficult this semester is, and it has certainly proven to live up to its reputation! It’s more difficult because of the workload is that which most student day and I have a mind have to agree. Every morning from 8-10 am I receive microbiology. From 10-12 I be favored with pharmacology. Lunch is from 12-1. Pathology is from 1-3. These classes are the sort everyday. I have psychology 1-3 two times a week, pathology lab, research and design, and clinical covering studies. Pathology is very interesting. Pharmacology is attractive and overwhelming. Knowing when to give a certain drug based on experience is useless in our class unless we can explain to the professor the mechanism of action of the drug and wherefore it’s better for patient x and wherefore the other drugs don’t act because they conflict with each other. Lots of intelligence! Class goes until 5 everyday, and studying to the time when…      We moved 2 days gone. The power in our place kept going ~ward and off, the internet wouldn’t work, we didn’t have water, and our host wanted us to fix all of it. It would’ve been $353 dollars according to us to fill up the furnish with ~ tank. Being foreigners here we in truth don’t have anyone to endure to like the police or a account of rents office, there is anyone to gripe the landlords accountable for the info in ther leases. We ground a place that several other students live at and the landlord caters to students. Since we before that time paid rent for the month in our other acceptance he is working with us. We hated to disconnect our security deposit. Sometimes life happens. Were right trying to chug forward and operate the best of it x our novel place seems better . It’s not viewed like private and there is more vociferation so we will be studying in the library other this semester. It’s just been a twirl wind! I’m hanging in in that place though, and I’ll make it through. I always do. 

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