Melbourne DPT application deadline is approaching

This is deserved a reminder for all students interested in studying physiotherapy at the Melbourne Physiotherapy School: the deadline on account of first round applicants is next Friday, June 5. All applicants who wish to have ~ing considered as a first-round candidate are encouraged to submit their without fault application documents by Thursday, June 4 at noon in succession for their application to be submitted to the universal school on time.

University of Melbourne Physiotherapy School

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Why is the Melbourne Doctor of Physiotherapy 3 years in continuance?

The Melbourne DPT commenced in 2011 and is the first three-year physiotherapy graduate-entry master’s-state of equality program, providing a benchmark for physiotherapy tuition in Australia. In addition to inner part hands-on practical physiotherapy skills, key program features include advanced theoretical information in areas such as pharmacology, radiology, domination and management, sports physiotherapy and inurn-professional education, including a faculty observer conference.

Students will be well prepared ~ the sake of the changing roles of the physiotherapist in areas of the like kind as acute care, chronic disease skill, health promotion, emergency medicine, private usage and sports medicine. The course provides a vertically integrated common group health promotion project that culminates in a bestowal and possible publication at the expiration of three years of study. The clinical program builds progressively to self-reliant practice, with approximately 37 weeks of clinical habitual performance . There is also the potential on the side of an overseas clinical experience to subjoin depth of understanding in global health care.

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